10 Ways to Earn Online For Single Moms in India

Being a mother is the toughest and strenuous job in the world. Things go a bit more intricate when there is no support from the husband. Be it emotionally or financially, single moms in India have to deal with it in their own way. When nobody is ready to stick their neck out, it’s the women who have to and are fighting continuous battles against our Indian hypocritical society. It’s really hard to break those archaic systems and get acquainted with realties of a dysfunctional relationship. But, in this changing era, women are stepping out and making their own ways to ensure the financial security of their families.

Here are some of the easiest ways that can help single moms in India to earn more than 10K per month.

1.     Selling Handmade Products Online

There is no stopping barrier for talented women. If you are good at making handmade products such as paintings, pillow covers, cushion covers, knitting, coasters, paper bags, traditional jewelry, etc. you can easily sell them on online platforms. In India, websites such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, etc offer easy enrolments and allow you to sell products at your own rates. 

You can even buy things from flea markets near your place and sell them online. Thus, you can earn handsome income by making great commissions.


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2.     Cooking and Baking

Do you have good culinary skills? Then the e-platform can give you worldwide recognition. Use social media as your key platform. Make a profile page and upload pics of tempting delicacies cooked by you. You can easily start taking cooking classes or share recipes on YouTube. Just, leave all the promulgation to social media.

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In India, by registering on Zomato, Swiggy and Uber Eats like platforms, the hassles of transportation and delivery are eliminated. These portals offer pick-up and door-to-door services. You may also get orders from Facebook and Instagram. So, next time you bake a cake, upload the pic and start your business today!

3.     Freelance Writer

Opting for freelance writing and blogging is extremely popular amongst educated women these days. This option doesn’t require any investment and allows you to share your views/opinions on a given topic. You can easily create a profile on websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. and start making money online right away.

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If you are a good designer, marketer, SEO specialist, HR or programmer, you can easily pitch a lot of work. Just a small effort and you can earn a salary equivalent to employees of MNCs.  Similar to freelance writing, you also need to create a profile on freelancing websites and get going. The new generation loves to freelance rather than getting confined in a cabin from 9 to 5.

4.     Translator Jobs

There is a huge demand for translators in the entertainment and animation industry. If you are fluent in more than one language, you can easily get a job as a translator. A translator converts written text from one language to another. If you have expertise in a foreign language such as German, French, Chinese, etc. then nobody can stop you from making big bucks.

Translator jobs are not going to reduce in the future as the machines can never replace human translators due to language interpretation complexity.

5.     Child Tutoring

Do you have expertise in some subject and love to teach? You can step ahead from traditional home tuitions and switch to online tutoring. You can easily signup on websites such as Vedantu, Whitehatjr, TutorIndia, Byjus, etc. You can easily make 200-500 INR per hour. If you are not inclined towards regular tutoring then you may also deliver webinars on topics of your choice/ expertise on different educational portals.

6.     Beautician Work

In India beauticians and makeup artists are in huge demand. Women in India now prefer freelancers rather than spending thousands of bucks in salons or beauty parlours. Again social media could play a vital role in pitching new clients.

Nowadays, you can sign up with websites such as UrbanClap and offer home services. If you don’t have money to set up your own salon, then going online is the best option for you. Urban Clap gets you clients from nearby areas and offers you a decent salary and commission.  

7.     Online Surveying and Data Entry

To know people’s interests and trends, companies and businesses conduct online surveys. People who participate in such surveys are often rewarded in the form of gifts or cash. The surveys are based on the company’s products and services. Based on the answers/ responses the company decides its marketing and other strategies.

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Apart from that, there are many firms offering data entry work. This is indeed the easiest way of making money online. This work doesn’t require any technical knowledge. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a device. Some companies require you to fill excel sheets, some demand internet browsing and extracting contact information, converting .pdf to word files and images to text, etc. One can easily make INR 100 per hour by just punching the data.

8.     Become a YouTuber

To all the talented people out there, YouTube offers an incredible platform to earn money by showcasing your skills. The skills could be any- cooking, dancing, tutoring, singing and expertise in any field/ area of life. You name a thing and it’s there on YouTube.  Sign up YouTube for free and start uploading your videos. You can explore the internet on how to market, promote and grow your channel.

9.     Become an Influencer

Did you know that you can earn Rs 2000 just for a single share on social media channels? If your social media account is followed by hundreds of people, and your followers love what you post, then you can become a social influencer.

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Most of the start-ups and digital marketing companies look for influencers for their marketing strategies. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest and trending digital marketing techniques followed by webpreneurs. These influencers are paid to promote the products/services or pages by sharing and liking content.

10. Sell Photos Online

Yes, it’s true! You can sell your high-quality photographs on the internet and make money out of it.

If you are that passionate a photographer who loves his DSLR and clicks awesome pictures, then there is good news for you. There are websites such as Shutterstock, ImagesBazaar, Freepik, etc. that are ready to pay a good amount for unique pictures. The images can portray anything from street food to people, from animals to nature, etc.  Just that the images you submit should be of extremely high quality.

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Last but not least, after getting some hands-on in writing work, you can start your own blog with some investment. This will not only act as your portfolio but also as a great medium to make money online.


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Don’t worry if you don’t have great writing skills. You can hire writers/ proofreaders and digital marketing specialists. But a little knowledge is always helpful.

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