3 Things you Must Know if you’re a Freelance Writer

Many freelance writers and bloggers scream in frustration while looking at their bank statements towards the end of the month. They put in a great deal of hard work yet there are little monetary rewards. Those who manage to find well-paying freelance writing gigs in large numbers might be the lucky ones! The journey, however, to get writing gigs on a continuous basis is a difficult one.

As a blogger or a writer, if you earn your bread and butter from freelance writing gigs- you need a stable income. Further, you need to streamline your writing in a manner that there is no cash crunch.

To make money online by pursuing your passion (freelance writing), there is a list of things you must follow if you want to make it big in your career. A failure to implement any of these will be barking up the wrong tree. Surely, you don’t want that! Therefore, the things to do are as follows:

1. You get Paid to Write

Your primary job is to write for your clients and audience. You will agree with me that the only reason you’re paid is your writings. This in, no manner, implies that the importance of marketing activities is undermined. Marketing is important to establish your name or brand. However, it must not consume much of your time. Remember, you must not lose focus on writing and creating unique content. Everything else you do is like beating around the bush. Looking at job boards, engaging clients, and marketing simply adds to your unpaid and unproductive time. Instead, streamline your marketing activities so as to make the optimal use of time. Consider making use of technology and software so as to enhance your productivity. You may undertake any number of activities in order to enhance your image or brand, but they must not affect the process of your writing.  There is no room for distraction.

What is my Marketing Philosophy?

I put in efforts to market my blog during times when I am not at my creative best. Or, when there are distractions. I prioritize creating 3-4 blog posts every week. The writing for me takes precedence over everything else. Even then, surprising as it may be, I feel there is no paucity of time for SEO and marketing.


You need new and unique content at regular intervals to keep your readers engaged.

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2. Stick to your Old Clients

Your old clients guarantee money. They ensure that a certain amount of money finds its way to your Bank accounts every month. Isn’t it simply amazing? Why will you ever want them to go away? Especially, when there are no new freelance writing gigs available. Further, pitching and winning the new clients is not easy even if there are writing gigs available. People have a natural tendency to work with people whom they know and trust.  It’s a win-win situation for both you and your clients. You’re assured good business while their writing needs are well taken care of by you.

The existing clients don’t only ensure a steady flow of income, but also help in numerous other ways. Their recommendations are invaluable in garnering extra business and sales. It is a good practice to ask your highly satisfied clients for referral when pitching to new clients. If the clients are contented with your work, you may harness a powerful strategy, that is, Word of mouth advertising.


Stick to your old clients, take care of them and be open to new clients.

3. Hire Me

The “Hire Me” page on your website/ blog is of great significance in alluring the prospective clients into seeking your services. It is the gatekeeper and plays a crucial role in slashing the efforts needed for marketing. Instead, it helps you in focusing on the vital aspects of the freelance writing business- “Your Writing”. There is a need to optimize it so as to encourage potential clients in inquiring you. It, therefore, pays you spending time on building a high-quality “Hire Me” page with a crafty headline. Demonstrate your capability as a highly competent and all-around blogger by including testimonials, referrals, etc.


Your Hire Me page is an integral part of your Freelance business as it either encourages or discourages the clients to come to you.

Finally, give your clients reasons to resonate with your work. And, there will be no dearth of opportunities to make money online as a freelance writer.

Image sources: farm9.staticflickr