3 Ways to Focus Fiercely and Stress Less

 Do you have to try hard to focus on things that are close to your heart?

How does it feel when all your efforts go in vain?

It can be intimidating and one of the worst feelings ever.  You spend your entire life building a career that can give you ultimate happiness in life or you thrive to achieve that one thing that will surpass all the riches in your life.

It’s not something new- it does take a lot of time to reach where you want to.Then there are times when you feel it is not working at all. Even more, there will be circumstances when you would want to quit. Such are the times when you completely lose your focus.

By losing focus, you will be in doldrums and completely written-off. If there is a feeling that you’re going through this stage of life or are slowly heading there; it should bring you some relief to know that it is very much possible to make a remarkable comeback.

The most important thing to be done is to create a steady and strong platform that supports you in building what you want.

Here’s a lowdown of important points that will help you regain focus to build a better career, contented life and a happier you!

Who is more Important?

You need to start getting a sense of what is more important to you and what you care about on deep level. Then there is something that took me really long- you need to learn to say “NO” and “YES”.

What is it that gives you happiness?

What are the things that keep you motivated?

For example, I’m all about women empowerment.

I know even a small contribution in this field would give me an immense joy and satisfaction. “Women empowerment” is the essence of my blog. If I have two different projects in hand, I know I am going to spend my time and energy on whatever leads to change and transformation in the lives of women.

The moment you start prioritizing things in life, you learn to stay on track and stop losing focus.  Isn’t it something you have been striving for all this while?

Because you can do it!

Promise yourself you’ll never quit! You’ll strive hard to accomplish what you’ve set your eyes on by focusing only on your goals. Stay determined to do only the right things, a few at a time but with the right intention.

In the process, don’t lose your edge. There is absolutely no need for raking yourself over the coals. While trying to stay productive, you must never ignore things/ people whom you care about most.  Have you ever considered setting healthy boundaries for yourself?

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No one is born perfect!

It’s alright to embrace your imperfection at times. It will hurt you less!

By accepting the things as they are, you become self-complacent and feel less pain. Rather, you start focusing on your strengths.

What is worth knowing is that there is always a scope for improvement. By identifying areas on which you can work, you must thrive to improve yourself. It might take long but the results are definitely going to be there.

Final words:

I strongly believe it is not difficult to maintain your focus if you’re really keen on achieving something in your life. Because “If you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

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