4 Key Takeaways From The Session With a Legend Tabu

Monday morning, looming work deadlines and a whirl of excitement. Confusing, isn’t it?

Here, I am not talking about a regular Monday morning when I am usually beating back-to-work blues. This is, in fact, about a Monday morning when the thought of meeting stunning, veteran and well-acclaimed actress of Bollywood, Padma Shree Tabu made me smile in anticipation.

Not a movie buff anymore but I remember enjoying her movies as a teenager.

For me, it was certainly not about meeting a celeb but gaining insights into the life of an individual who managed to come so far that her presence would create frenzy amongst the general public. It was the curiosity to know what success really looks like and honestly, I was anxious.


Sania Gupta FICCI FLO Ludhiana TabuAfter her power-packed moderated session of approximately 2 hours with Nandita Bhaskar (Chairperson, FICCI FLO Ludhiana), I look back to realize there were many things to take-away and valuable lessons to be learned from the actor par excellence, extremely gracious, fearless and fantastic woman. Her aura of power, her command and her confidence reflected a lot about the journey of her life and the unusual choices that she made on the way.


Tabu FICCI FLO LudhianaLucky to have been a part of the audience who could witness the gorgeous lady and her magnanimous personality, I feel inspired to jot down a few points which influenced me more than anything else:

  • Punctuality is the first step towards success. Surrounded by crowds all the time, she doesn’t allow anything to distract her. She arrived sharp on time without us having to wait for even a minute extra.
  • It’s all about STAYING TRUE TO YOUR OWN SELF! The moment you start enjoying your work, there will be no looking back in your career. Having reached the acme of her career, she attributes everything to the fact that she loved her work and didn’t focus on accomplishing any particular goal. It’s really simple- Put your heart and soul into doing a thing small or big and everything else will follow without you even realizing it.
  • It’s the hope that something good will come your way keeps you going despite all the odds. Look forward to being a highly evolved person, a better tomorrow and the life will never disappoint you.
  • Everything in life doesn’t necessarily have to move according to a plan. She never planned anything yet made it big in her life. She focussed only on giving the best shot in every role of hers and this attitude of hers paved her way to success.

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There are not many people who would inspire you to work harder, take pride in your work and enjoy it to the core! For me, she will always be one among the few.