4 Signs Your Company Blog Needs a Content Revamp

As the holiday season is approaching, most of you must be conducting quick analysis to find any loop-holes in your marketing strategy so as to drive maximum sales around this time of the year. At the same time, you might be taking time off to conduct end of the year business analysis to come back with a bang in 2018.

From what I know with my conversations with quite a many entrepreneurs is that most of them are planning to build their social media following. It is certainly an important area to gain your focus. One area, however, that seems to be lacking their attention is the company blogs. Is it the same with you?

You might already know that it is indispensable for a business to have its own blog and content marketing strategy for its survival in today’s time. The chances are that you’re already doing that. You’ve set up your company blog, working towards getting content published on it regularly but whatever you’re doing is not benefitting your business in any manner as such.

Did you know that you’re not getting desired results because your business blog might just be in an immediate need of content revamp?

Given below are some interesting insights that will help you understand if your blog is going to do any good to your business:

1. There is No Fresh Content and You Just Keep Repeating the Same Topics

If you really wish to drive traffic to your blog, it’s time for you to switch your strategy and work towards creating fresh and interesting content. In case you’ve been writing long-form posts all this while, it might help you to increase the engagement of readers by writing bulleted content. Does your blog thrive on interviews? If yes, why don’t you think about starting a podcast? Starting videos can be another new method of increasing user engagement and arousing their interest all over again.

The golden rule is that whatever you post should either inspire your readers or add some value to their lives. WIth millions of posts going live every single day, no one is going to come to your blog to read the same things all over again.

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2. Your Blog Doesn’t Have Any Fixed Schedule

If you’ve gone so far in starting a blog so that it can help boost the sales of your business, you must know consistency in blogging is as important as other business practices. Your blog will deliver results only if you adhere to the fixed schedule of content posting. There is no need to be over-ambitious in committing yourself to posting daily on the blog. Instead, the wisdom is to stick to a fairly predictable routine. This will help your readers know when to come back to your blog for updates.

3. There is No Quality-Check Procedure in Place

Is it that when you get requests from guest bloggers, the idea of another post going live on your blog excites you to such an extent that you simply forget the significance of publishing quality content on your blog? You need to use your judgment to its best ability when accepting any guest posts. The content that offers some form of value to users should only be considered for publication.

4. The Bounce Rate is Too High

If the bounce rate of users coming to your blog is quite high, it strongly indicates your content needs to be revamped. As you must already know, this can be determined from your Analytics account. As long as bounce rate doesn’t tip over 50%, there is nothing much to worry about (Source:

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