5 Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Do you like hearing lovely fairy tales from your grandmom? Do you enjoy when she talks about the ancient history and the beautiful architecture that India inherited? And how about if we say you can experience it all by yourself? Yes, you heard that right! Jodhpur is that one travel destination, which is certainly your time ticket to travel to past with a pinch of the modern era in it. If you are passionate about enjoying a sneak peek into the bygone era, visit Jodhpur. Amongst much-preferred places to visit in Jodhpur are palaces, forts, shrines, museums, and gardens that articulate the erstwhile excellence. Here, we present you the top 5 tourist places in Jodhpur that speak leaps and bounds about this magnificent jewel to the crown of Rajasthan. And the celebration does not end here, avail very amazing Oyo rooms paytm offers to make your stay even more comfortable.

1. Umaid Bhavan Palace

Never had a chance to feel like a Rajput queen? Umaid Bhavan Palace should be your first and one-stop destination if you really want to experience life king size. It is one of the most celebrated destinations when it comes to famous places in Jodhpur. This palace is named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, grandfather of the current owner Gaj Singh. Crowned with several features that make it an exquisite structure, the palace has 347 rooms and a part of it is operated by Taj Group of Hotels. Don’t miss to see its galleries housing various regal items, one gallery dedicated to displaying a variety of an item.

Make sure, you visit the grandeur spread in every nook and corner of this palace.

2. Mehrangarh Fort

Royal treatment, fairy lights, and sumptuous red meat – can we ask for anything better? Mehrangarh Fort is listed among the most magnificent hill forts of Rajasthan. No wonder, it is one of the must-visit places in Jodhpur. Unbeatable and impressive, this grandeur in red sandstone is wrapped in an eccentric beauty. It also invites you to an experience of a lifetime with its several cultural festivals such as the annual Rajasthan International Folk Festival in October and the World Sufi Spirit Festival in February.

3. Jaswant Thada

How about relaxing amidst the white in the Sun City? Jaswant Thada is cherry on the top and definitely a chill pill in the scorching Jodhpur’s heat. This intricately crafted cenotaph (empty commemorative tomb) was built in 1899, in honor of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. It features white marble lattice screens and whimsical domes. The inside is adorned with portraits of Rathore rulers. It’s a peaceful place to relax and enjoy stunning views of the Fort and city. Many a tired tourist sprawls on the front lawn to recuperate after sightseeing!

4. The Clock Tower, Old City Market and The Blue City

A trip to Jodhpur wouldn’t be complete without visiting the bustling Old City. The Old City’s famous landmark, the clock tower, stands at the heart of it — and it’s still working! Next to it, Sadar Market retains a traditional village bazaar feel. It’s chaotic and colorful. Also, unlike the crowded clock tower area, the blue part of Jodhpur (known as Navchokiya) behind the fort is refreshingly quiet and devoid of tourists. Don’t miss spending some time leisurely strolling along its streets.

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5. Mandore Gardens

Located in the Northern outskirts of Jodhpur, Mandore Gardens can’t be missed. To get intricate with nature and to appreciate the beauty you must visit it if and when in Jodhpur. Mandore was the capital of the Marwar region before Jodhpur was founded but now it’s in a neglected state. The gardens are beautiful, albeit unkempt in places and used as a local picnic spot. They’re worth visiting for the amazing architecture and history of a bygone era. The best time to go is during the week when it’s quietest. If you love monkeys, you’ll find plenty there! Be careful that they don’t snatch your food though. The online travel and accommodation booking giant- OYO Paytm is the hub of numerous mind-blowing deals and discounts that will leave you startled for sure.

Why You Should Not Miss It: In a nutshell, the city leaves you awestruck with its architectural wonders that have stood the test of time. Fascinated by its magnetism? What are you thinking about? Pack your bags and set off for a weekend escape in the charm of the centuries’ old beauties.

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