5 Different Ways to Embrace Love this Valentines Day

Love is definitely in the air! Right when February dawns, many of us start feeling the love around us. Everything appears to radiate romance more than normal during this month.

Is it just the amazing weather or us reflecting too much of positive energy?

Or, it could well be much hyped Valentines Day when all those lovey-dovey couples take up the task of planning surprises for their special ones.

You could be entirely wrong if it in any way signals you I am against any celebrations marked for this day.

A Piscean in me loves the scent of roses, the aroma of food and the excitement of getting a surprise. More than anything else, I adore the feeling of being a special one.

What, however, upsets me that we fail in radiating similar feelings during the rest of the year.

We are too much preoccupied with things around us that we, often, ignore the presence of those special ones in our lives. More than, often, we fail miserably in embracing love in its purest form.

Love exists around us in different forms. Even though it is a powerful emotion, we never appreciate its presence in our lives.

Let’s, therefore, not just go on waiting for cupid to strike our hearts, but instead learn to appreciate the passion in its full glory.

Different Ways to Embrace Love

1. Emanate Love

What we reflect in the universe comes back to us!

Start putting out positive vibes, pleasantness, and laughter in the world.

It will be surprising to find out the love catapulting its way back to you.

2. Make Yourself Vulnerable

In order to experience love in its true form, you need to make yourself vulnerable. You have to let yourself go and believe in the power of love. When in love, never hold any regrets.

You may easily get hurt if there is a betrayal. But, what if there is not any?

The possibility is that you’ll make an amazing bond with that somebody special.

It may take years to discover your soul partner and at the same time, it may not even take more than one encounter.

Start believing in miracles… Believe in magic and above all learn to believe in yourself.

Love fully and love in a big way…

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3. Be Understanding

I am surely not the first one telling you.

It’s commonly read about and heard of. However, it’s never easy to carry out.

Even if you have a lot to deal with, try to be in another person’s place. Don’t just get tripped up in a web of your worries and conflicts.

You can fill your world with compassion by simply lending your shoulder to the other individual.

Start listening and you’ll find out how much difference it makes.

4. Stop Condescending

It’s not always cool to be condescending. You might just push the other person away with this attitude of yours.

It’s time to put others first and start giving in.

It just requires a lot of patience. Not everyone will be willing to give in to your attitude of patronizing superiority.

5. Love Yourself

Start celebrating ‘YOU’!

Take pride in your existence and learn to embrace your own self. Only when you feel positive about yourself, others will feel good about your being there. You simply can’t expect others to love you without l

You simply can’t expect others to love you when you have not learned to admire yourself.

And, thank you almighty for this beautiful life.

Final Words:

There are numerous other ways you can find love in this universe. What is significant, nevertheless, is a distinction between love and liking. Our liking for something tends to make us weak, only our passion makes us stronger.

Love, if real, gives a sense of purpose in life and is a jewel of contentment. It gives us the energy to tolerate and power to endure.

There is a lot more I can say, but I strongly believe in not giving off a condescending attitude. So, goodbye folks until we meet next time.

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