5 Things Everyone Knows About Blogging But You Don’t

As kids, we were often told to pursue diary keeping activity as a hobby.

Little did we know then that this habit of ours could help us make money online (a lot more than a full-time office job).

With digital transformation happening so fast, the businesses now prefer seeking digital marketing solutions over traditional marketing. Thus, the need for bloggers and content writers has dramatically increased in the past few years.

The demand for skilled Bloggers or writers excites people to learn about Blogging and explore work-from-home opportunities. Is Blogging a rocket-science?


My answer would be, “Blogging is nothing but smart writing. Start understanding the psychology of humans and you would start understanding the Google Algorithm and Google Algorithm is the reason the world is going crazy for content.”

Never make the mistake of presuming Blogging as a no brainer job. The things take a turn when you actually sit down to blog and find yourself struggling simply to put your ideas into writing. Writing a blog is way harder than expected!

Starting and maintaining a blog is an intimidating task. In fact, I screwed up with my initial blog. After making a number of mistakes, I finally realized that there are certain things about blogging which are obvious but not told anywhere. And in those things lie the secret to the success in the Blogosphere.

Ready to learn more about these things which would hardly be told to you in the world of Blogging?

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1.   Mark your Digital Social Impression

There are articles flooded on the internet regarding, “How to start your own blog” or a full 3000 words guide on “SEO” – Search Engine Optimization or even paid marketing.

But let me tell you, it may take months to get your traffic kicked in from Google or other search Engines. In fact, you may get very few digital impressions or traffic towards your website during the initial months.

So, is there a way to target more organic traffic?

It’s through social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc are some of the social platforms which can drive you a lot of heavy and purely organic traffic.

And how to do that?

It’s really simple. Start building your social media profiles by befriending with people, participating in similar community events, sharing, commenting and liking posts and other similar activities.

Social media has the power to make you popular overnight!

So, harness the power of these platforms to the fullest.

Remember the golden rule, to be a successful blogger, you need to be present everywhere on the web. Write, Share and Repeat!

2.   Capture the 3-Second Attention Span

Blogging is entirely different from an article or a Press Release.  You need to engage people to read your blog and hook them till the end.

Start analyzing what would your audience be looking at, talk to them, try answering their questions and offer solutions to their problems.

In case you didn’t know, the attention span of a reader on an average is less than 3 seconds.

Can you do that?

Think of different ways that can make it possible. A creative selfie, a Vlog or something else…what is it that your user is looking at?

The more approachable you go and start capturing the audience’s minds, more they enjoy reading your content.

Also, say a Big “NO” to jargon. Just throw in some contractions or add a couple of puns. You can’t compel people to read your blog rather it’s the writing style which engages them to read more.

3.   A Good Keyword Research

After capturing a good amount of traffic from your social media accounts, it’s time to get some really good footfalls from Google. For that, you need to do plenty of keyword research. Websites such as Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs etc will help you find keywords around your niche along with their difficulty levels.

How to select perfect keywords?

For keywords selection, strictly avoid guesswork. Check out the keywords which are trending and are popular on search engines. Make a list of top 5 such keywords and weave your content around them.

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4.   Add Credibility to your Blog

Now that you have created the content, remember a blog without an image feels like “something’s missing!”. People no longer like those hero images or flashy gifs. Instead, an infographic is the need of the hour.

You must have seen that an infographic gets more likes, trolls and shares on social media than a simple picture.

Secondly, it is very important to make your blog credible and authentic. It makes the blog look more researched and real.

Wondering how to do that? Play with data and statistics!

Claims and arguments are much more convincing when data is cited along with a source link. A data-driven content automatically grabs audience attention which those fluffy arguments fail to do.

5.   Content-Length

Google loves detailed content. Many bloggers still think that short length content will fetch them good ranks. But that’s not the case.

In fact, if you look at the Google results (page 1), you will see that topics starting with “How to” or “compete guide” or “Everything you want to know” etc rank better as compared to any other type of content. The reason being these posts tend to be lengthy and provide some sort of solution to the readers.

But the catch is, don’t stretch or exaggerate your content to irrelevancy simply to make it lengthy. It goes without saying that you are writing for your readers and not for the search engines.

Winding Up

By focussing too much on revenue and traffic, you would be doing more harm than any good to your blog. Aim at providing purely original, well-researched and quality content to your readers and rest everything else will align automatically.

To begin with, you might find it a mammoth task to implement all the above-mentioned points but with your dedication and determination, you can achieve them all and proudly say that you are a “Next Gen Writing Monkey!

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