6 Amazing Ways of Becoming a Unique Blogger

With more than 2.5 million blog posts getting published almost every day, how do you ensure desired readability for your blog?

It is not easy to gain recognition and readership in the Blogosphere. Yet, everyone out there wants to be a blogger. Besides writing, every Blogger/ Freelance Writer is looking at making money Blogging.

The only way you can succeed in becoming a famous blogger and thus, make money online is by demonstrating your uniqueness.

What are the Different Ways of Becoming a Unique Blogger?

1. Your Ideas

Your writings must reflect your own ideas and not someone else’s ideas. They must be your original work. Even if you’re good at paraphrasing content, you must refrain yourself from doing that. It will make you lose your credibility. As a result, you might even end up losing connect with your readers.

2. Topics  of Your Writing

Even if you know the importance of unique content in Blogging,  it still remains a common practice to choose topics that have already been written about.

Not only does it enhances a lot of competition for you, but also makes you a regular Blogger.  But, we are here looking at becoming a unique blogger.

Thus, it’s time that we think differently when it comes to writing Blog posts. Firstly, think about the creation of new topics and thereafter, write unique content on those topics.

*The Blogging Hack*

Use Google search engine to look for some topics by typing random keywords/ phrases and then give the results a tweak to draft a new topic.

3. Proof of Your Claims

What distinguishes you as a Blogger?

Are there any solid proofs to support what you keep saying to your readers all the time?

For this one reason, I have always supported my claims with snapshots wherever applicable.

Remember, you need to prove your credibility to Bloggers if you really want to hook onto them for a longer time.

Ways to Become a Unique Blogger

4. Importance of Reading

Writing is not the only job of a Blogger. Serious blogging demands a lot of reading. You’re expected to read a number of books, blogs, etc.

Why Reading is Important for Your Blogging Aspirations?

  • To continue getting new ideas for your posts
  • For understanding the demand of your readers
  • To improve your writing skills
  • To ensure that you don’t repeat what has already been written by other bloggers in your writing niche

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5. Your Accessibility

Are you easily approachable by your readers?

Do you frequently reply to your readers?

Staying in touch frequently with your readers is the essence of blogging.

Remember, it is not always about money minting techniques and processes. Rather, your focus should be on creating a special bond with your readers. If you’re genuine and succeed in winning the trust and loyalty of your readers, they will also start showing interest in your paid services/ products. This process, however, takes a lot of time. It requires patience and dedication. It is, nevertheless, rewarding.

6. Make Use of Your Creative Skills

Are you good at making doodles?

Do you possess excellent Canva skills?

In order to gain a wide recognition, you need to do things creatively and not using a regular approach. In fact, you must not make your posts look mundane.

To model, make greater use of diagrams or snapshots in tutorials or step-by-step guides for making things easier for your readers.

Make use of images that are rich in text and can quickly grab the reader’s attention.

Last Words: If you can successfully implement the above-given techniques, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming famous in the Blogosphere.