6 Ways To Make More Money With WordPress

Developing and maintaining an e-commerce website is necessary to reach out to the target audience. WordPress has gained importance in the past few years and has become the choice of about 50% of the online audience. 

Its high demand has increased the demand for products and services. The users are on a constant lookout for better themes and plugins. 

This demand has opened a sea of opportunities for freelancers and startup companies. Now make money online with WordPress!

Let us look at some ways to make money with WordPress. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress started as a blogging tool. But now is the leading choice to build, modify, and maintain websites.

It is written in PHP and runs on a MySQL database. WordPress has uncomplicated the work of a developer. 

Now generating code is not the primary concern of the developers. WordPress runs the base code. Now there is no need to generate the code from scratch.

Making Money With WordPress

Have you ever thought that WordPress can be used besides developing websites? Can WordPress be beneficial to an SEO specialist?

This blog will help you to decide if WordPress is your way of making money online. 

  • Blogs

In online marketing, blogs are one of the most effective ways to reach out to tons of audiences. You can create your WordPress blog and make money through it. 

Affiliate marketing is one efficient way to do so. 

The companies would pay you to promote their products and services by adding links in the blogs. This way you would get a commission for every product purchased.

But it is only beneficial if you have a devoted reading audience. Besides, you could also add sponsored products to your blogs. 

For instance, if you are publishing a beauty blog, you can talk about a particular brand or sunscreen. The best part- the brand is paying you for that. 

  • Develop WordPress Themes

Do you have a creative mind? Do you know about the development?

Then you can develop WordPress themes and make money sitting at home. Although this niche has a load of competition, knowledge of what the target audience needs can keep you ahead of others.

You can customize the WordPress themes for clients. However, it is important to solve any issues that might occur while using the theme.

It can be a daunting task for some. And so you can form a small team to handle different tasks. 

WordPress provides a great career outlook for an advanced developer. They can design themes for the page layouts, logo creation, social media integration, and newsletter setup. 

  • Develop Plugin Development

Plugins add extra features to the existing website layout. Developing WordPress plugins is somewhat similar to developing themes. 

But the great news is – less competition. 

As a plugin developer, you should understand the problems WordPress users face and develop plugins as per. 

Before developing plugins, you should have in-depth knowledge of WordPress. This would give you an edge over the others. 

As the plugin developer, it would solely be your responsibility to maintain the website and ensure smooth working. You can further provide premium plugins and free plugins with premium upgrades to make more money. 

Since WordPress is built on PHP, you should have complete knowledge of the language. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

Small businesses cannot hire a digital marketing agency. This creates a business opportunity for SEO specialists. 

They can work as freelancers for startup enterprises. SEO is overwhelming. This also comes with premium pricing.

SEO is a huge part of the website and is responsible for the ranking of the website. 

As an SEO freelancer, you can provide content optimization, link building, and enhanced site speed. There is a huge demand for SEO freelancers.

SEO is the top marketing tactic. Marketing tactics also include researching keywords and generating campaigns on Google Ads.

  • Dropshipping Store

It is overwhelming to develop and maintain an e-commerce website. One such software is Woocommerce. 

However, it takes a lot of work and finance to provide shipping facilities. Dropshipping stores are the best option for startups. 

The owner does not store or ship products directly to the consumer. A third party is involved. 

However, this niche is pretty competitive. To be ahead in the game, you would have to provide premium quality to ensure the customer’s trust. 

  • Content Creation

As said, WordPress is used to develop about half of the websites. The websites also need content to increase traffic. 

Most of the websites publish blogs and even have contributor application pages. You can submit your blogs and if the article satisfies the needs and the purpose, you get paid for it. 

But it is beneficial to build an online portfolio that shows your best work to date. This would ensure the trust of the publishers in you. 

You can even opt to create content on many freelancing websites. Sites like Upwork offer many WordPress content creation works. 

If you are an experienced content creator, you can provide premium content to devoted readers. 

However, it is crucial to building trust and confidence in your content delivery. 

Summing Up

WordPress is the largest growing content management system. It is the choice of millions of users because of its safety. 

You don’t have to learn in-depth about WordPress to make money. Being efficient in your field is sufficient. 

You have plenty of chances to make money with WordPress, you only need the skill for it.