7 E-Commerce Strategies that Improve Your Conversion

E-Commerce is getting popular day-by-day. It is basically the process to buy and sell things or products online. There are many big and small online E-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, eBay,, Etsy, and so on. This year due to the Covid-19 crisis E-commerce business is accelerated. It has increased the share of e-commerce in the retail business. The E-commerce dynamism and scope has expanded across countries. As of 2020, online marketing has increased worldwide. One of the top leading online retail websites in terms of traffic is Amazon.

Online marketing is on boom these days, so we require effective ways to increase conversions by applying the best Online Marketing strategies to convert maximum visitors, whoever visits the website into a payable customer.

Are you making the best of your E-commerce Business?

The competition is increasing and online profitability is becoming harder. You need to adopt the E-Commerce Marketing Strategies which should enhance the E-commerce conversion rate percentage of visitors that complete the checkout process and purchase the products.

To have a profitable E-commerce business you must follow the following E-commerce strategies:-

Your E-Commerce Website should be Easy to Navigate

If the customer visits a website and is not able to find the product easily, he or she will leave the site and try to find out the product on any other website. So the website should have simple and easy navigation. To boost your e-commerce conversion rate, you need to have simple and minimum steps to buy the products. The categories and subcategories divided should be easy to understand and navigate. For e.g. take a look at


Discounts and coupons

A very important and attractive step to boost e-commerce conversion rates is to first analyze and compare the market trends for products price that are in higher demand. You must give the best and attractive discounts to customers or offer coupons or rewards so that it grabs the attention of visitors and make them buy a product. The deal of the day or discounts needs to be reflected on the landing page to attract the customer to visit the product page. You may add the comparison of the related products also on the detail page.

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SEO should be Goal-Oriented

One of the most well-known strategies for better results is SEO, and it should be goal-oriented. You should optimize the content, include keywords, and target the needs of the customers. To have great SERP rankings and visibility, one should do it perfectly. You need to research properly and have optimized SEO content of high quality. It is really important to create a goal-oriented SEO strategy and also focus on content quality that draws the attention of a particular set of visitors. Ensure specific and appropriate product information with quality images and videos to be given.

Live Chat and help

Having a live chat or help desk will help the clients to get their queries solved immediately, which can satisfy the user to some extent. Live Chat can convert Customers and instant customer service will build the trust of the client with the seller. There are many types of live chat software available. You should use one that has the best sales tracker, live visitor monitoring, file sharing, analytics, and lead generation. You should also provide after-sale support.

Secure Website with multiple payment and delivery options

A safe and secure website is one of the important factors to consider. For doing online transactions customers enter their personal bank or card credentials while doing online shopping. The website payment gateway should have credibility and it has to be a trusted one. These days one can do an online payment with the number of ways. You must, therefore, try to cater to customers with secure and multiple payment options.

Build a community

One of the most important E-commerce growth strategies is building a community. These days Brand name is one of the deciding factors in purchasing the product. You should build a community and share real stories of your brand. As per William Harris, you should build the community around the e-commerce business.

Use tools to improve the e-commerce conversion rate

There are many tools available these days which can analyze the conversion rate, like hotjar, Quantcast’s Measure, Google analytics, etc. It records the user session and it helps you understand the client’s behavior.

Conclusion: To have the best results, you should follow the E-commerce strategies that can influence users to pay for your products and services.

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