7 Proven Tips to Turn Ecommerce Leads into Customers

In this fast-paced life, everyone is keen on getting quick results. Ecommerce businesses are no different.
Although the process of building a website and gaining organic traffic requires time, these tips will help you fasten the ROI process. 

Whether a startup e-commerce business or an established one, everyone selling products online wants to have a higher conversion rate. 

Like you, millions of businesses are competing to increase their Google rankings, to gain more customers. But to stay ahead in the game, you need to up your digital marketing strategies.

A mere 10%-15% of the leads convert into customers. Most of the visitors would read the reviews, skim through the product/website page, and leave. 

This blog mentions some simple tips to increase conversions for e-commerce businesses.

  • Responsive Web Design 

About 90% of internet surfers use mobiles to access websites. Having a responsive website will make it fit desktop as well as mobile devices. 

Responsive web design optimizes the web pages according to any device. Google analytics prioritizes mobile-friendly websites

That means your websites will have a higher ranking on search engines. Thus, bringing more traffic. 

Further, responsive web design does not need time to redirect web pages according to the website. Hence, enhancing the user experience.

No user will stay longer than 3 seconds on the website if it is slow, and that gives you too little time to convert the leads into customers. 

If the website is easy to navigate and quick, the odds of converting visitors into customers are high. 

  • Discounts and Coupons 

Providing discounts to new as well as existing customers helps you increase the website’s conversion rates.

Everyone likes to save some of what they are spending. If your e-commerce website offers regular discounts, more users will be tempted to buy products from your website. 

You can even promote coupons on other websites. The users who would visit your website with the promotional coupon are likely to purchase some items. 

Further, you can also provide occasional gift cards to your regular shoppers. That way, they would remain faithful to your website and continue coming back for more. 

  • Influencer Marketing 

Choosing the right influencer and promoting your products/services through them influences a lot of people.

Many social media users are devotees of an influencer and mostly try the products recommended by them. 

People remember the images easier than the content. Educating the audience about the product benefits through the influencers would increase the conversion rate. 

Moreover, giving referral codes to the influencers also allures the customers to the extra discount. 

With influencer marketing, you can also host giveaways to some devoted users and let them try your products. Giving away free products might sound like a loss, but it isn’t. 

  • Use Social Media Platforms 

About 61% of social media users buy from stories and feeds. Social media plays a huge role in not only advertising products but also increase sales.

Using social media platforms for advertisements like Instagram and Facebook is a thing of the past. Nowadays, users rarely jump from social media platforms to e-commerce websites.

Moreover, selling your products on social media platforms is lucrative if you are selling them according to the target audience. 

If your e-commerce brand is about food or clothing, social media marketing is the right choice. 

  • Genuine Customer Reviews

One way to entice customers to buy your products is to show your credibility. If your website will have happy and satisfied customers, it will bring in more customers.

About 80% of people buy the products recommended by family and friends. So if you are making one customer happy, you are simultaneously marketing to tons of people. 

The customers check out the cons before the pros of the brand and the product. Make sure you provide satisfaction to your verified customers so they are compelled to give a positive review.

Provide them with 24×7 customer service to clear any doubts they have. That way, if they even have issues with your products, they would be happy with the customer support. 

  • Making a Guest Purchase 

A large proportion of your potential customers might leave at the checkout. This happens because they need to sign up to make the payment. 

The users might see this as a waste of time and would move to another website. 

Some users might be purchasing the items for a friend or family member and do not wish to sign up for a one-time thing.

Others, however, might want to experience the products or services first and then sign up to become regular customers. 

Customers will lose interest if it is mandatory to sign up before checkout. 

On the other hand, you wish to make them a regular customer and do not want to lose a potential lead. 

So, a simple solution would be to send them a reminder message to sign up after the purchase has been made. You could also share some promotional codes and discount coupons to entice them. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

As said, a large proportion of customers leave at the checkout without making the purchase. 

The only time a customer would appreciate too many options would be in the payment section. 

With multiple online transaction methods available, it becomes the duty of the business owner to simplify the process.

However, some customers like to pay via cash on receiving the order. 

So providing multiple payment options on e-commerce platforms helps you keep all the customers happy. 

In addition to it, you can also provide many delivery options. You can add an option for a delivery time that is suitable for the customer. 

This way, they would not have to fret about picking up the parcel. 

Summing Up 

Since every e-commerce platform is different- so are its customers. These are some common tips to increase e-commerce conversion rates.

If you have followed all these tips and still cannot generate a high ROI, then try to find the issue in your existing marketing strategies and website design.

Apart from these, you can hire a digital marketing agency that will suggest some changes to increase your sales.