7 Reasons You Should Stop DIY SEO and Hire an SEO Pro


7 Reasons You Should Stop DIY SEO and Hire an SEO Pro

Up scaling a small business from small to mid-sized is a tough task and requires a lot of effort, dedication and expertise. There always come a point where you need to decide on whether to do it yourself or outsource the business activities.

Everyone in this digital world knows the potential that SEO entails, implementing SEO is another story!

You need an impressive web presence and a great online ranking to thrive on any online platform. SEO or Search Engine
Optimization does that for us. In other words, it makes you popular in the internet world.

SEO is a set of practices followed to improve search engine rankings, or what we call as SERPs (Search Engine Result
Pages). The ultimate goal is to grab a place in the top 5 rankings or at least the first page. No e-surfer cares to go beyond the first page.

Most of the small webprenures have a basic idea of SEO and use DIY techniques to attain the desired goal. It may be good
sometimes but can be fatal for the website most of the times.

Let’s get a deep insight into why you should stop experimenting with DIY SEO practices and go for an SEO pro instead.


When Should You Go for DIY SEO?

If you are on a tight budget and run a small business you don’t really have no option but to DIY SEO. If you are tech-savvy then it’s perfectly fine, otherwise, you can learn some easy tactics from blogs, videos, articles etc. Also, if you have a rhetoric writer, who knows how to research and write an SEO optimized content, it’s a great way to start.

Keep the ones at bay who favor keyword stuffing or other shady SEO practices.

Always remember that SEO is not an overnight job, you need the patience to see the results. Follow safe practices only else you may end up in compromising your website.

You may convince yourself into benefits of following Do-It-yourself SEO practices such as learning a new skill, low cost,
spontaneous changes, quick management of things, etc. but you can’t deny the potential risks associated with it.

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Risks Associated with DIY SEO Practices

The SEO space is vast with ever-changing search engine algorithms. A small mistake made in the initial stages is sufficient enough to bring down the entire website. Even having an in-house SEO team may not deliver significant SEO results. The reason is simple, the technology and ranking algorithms keep on changing and the employees need to stay updated every time.

A full-time employee enjoys complete salary along with all bonuses and perks. Not to mention the amount spent on his training.  There are no such liabilities associated when SEO is outsourced to an SEO professional.


Who is an SEO Professional?

Internet is flooded with people claiming themselves to be SEO Pro but the real ones are always ready to step up to the plate. A true SEO expert uses the latest SEO practices which help the businesses to improve its rankings in a purely organic manner. They have a capability to hit a six on every ball!

Let’s unlock the benefits associated with going for an SEO professional over DIY SEO techniques.


1.     Experience, Expertise and Knowledge

SEO professionals or SEO companies are the main key players behind the success of many brands. The seasoned professionals know how to turn your website around by playing with ranking algorithms.

The ranking factors are exhausting. Just the moment you start realizing that you have generated a good grip over SEO, the algorithm changes. Rather than wasting your time over learning new algorithms and implementing them, it better to outsource it to professionals at rock-bottom prices.

But, you need to be little careful while selecting the firm. Vet about previous work and ask for portfolios. Before striking a deal, be very careful about the red flags such as “guaranteed results”, “paid ads”, “keyword stuffing”.

Such people tend to use black hat techniques or shady SEO practices which may give you instant results but affect the website performance in long run. Google may even blacklist your website and remove you from the search results completely.

SEO takes time and once established you can be sure that your position is stable in the long run. An ideal SEO pro evaluates the competition/market and the strategies followed by the competitors. After completing the analysis part, he moves to the implementation part that drives results.


2.     Better User Experience

SEO is not just playing around with keywords. It’s a holistic process which not only impacts the optimized pages but the entire website as well. Outsourcing to a well-rounded SEO agency will ensure speedy loading, user-friendly navigation as well as mobile-friendliness.


3.     Data Analysis

SEO is all about results, analysis and improvement. If the things are not working then re-strategize your efforts as per the statistics. An SEO pro will help you with data such as bounce rate, number of visitors, their demographic locations, keyword reach, traffic from social media, organic traffic etc.


4.     Saves Time

If you keep on focusing only on the SEO part, which is indeed time-consuming, your dreams of business expansion suffer a drastic setback. By outsourcing SEO work to professionals, you can actually focus much better on upscaling your business.


5.     Avoid Fatal Mistakes

Following wrong SEO practices can make your website penalized by Google. This will kill all your chances of ranking good on SERPs. White hat SEO techniques may be time-consuming, but they are long-lasting. So, don’t fall into a trap of bad SEO techniques as they yield quick results but are short-lived.


6.     Quick Results

There are no hard and fast rules for getting quicker results. No SEO company could guarantee results within a short span of time. SEO professionals use reports and stats by analyzing on-going SEO techniques. And based on these reports, the next strategy is leveraged.


7.     Reliability

SEO professionals or agencies are fully reliable and trustworthy. The only catch is that you have to find the right one. The marketing campaigns strategized by them are latest and follow the latest ranking algorithms. Moreover, they have some renowned social influencers on board who help to make the content viral or popular on social media.

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Final Thoughts on DIY SEO or Hiring an SEO Pro

The biggest factor which decides whether you should go for DIY SEO or SEO pro is the level of competition in that industry. If you are on a tight budget, then prefer doing it yourself. If you are not getting results even after a year of your quest, then it’s time to take help from an SEO professional.

Last but not the least; make sure that the company you are selecting is thoroughly a vetted one.

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