7 SEO Trends Content Marketers Need To Know And Drive More Traffic In 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) is quite an effective mechanism to garner more customers over any online platform provided that it is used in the right way. SEO is consistently evolving and staying on the top. It can be quite a challenging aspect. However, the efforts are worth it. High-ranking SEO performance requires a lot of attention which comprises traffic, social shares and backlinks and many other aspects.

SEO is the bread and butter of many content marketers for the purpose of achieving the desirable level of traffic as well as leads. To maintain the position in one’s business niche and to retain good ranking in business, one must stay up to date with regards to the latest trends. This blog would give you insights into the most relevant and useful search engine optimization trends that will assist in preparing the SEO strategy accordingly.

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The core web vitals have become a ranking factor in the year 2021, but sadly, the majority of websites lag behind to pass it to the present day. This helps you to stand out and gives an edge over other businesses. If your website passes this test, you can easily outrank the competitors who have not put up an effort to comply with the latest requirements. There are actually 3 core web vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

A “good” result is required in all of the 3 categories to pass. This task should be handed over to the professionals until and unless you are an expert. It is expected to be even more significant in the year 2022, failure to tackle it can worsen the ranking. In fact, there could be an argument over the fact that the loss of traffic for many websites in 2022 could be as a result of lack of core web vitals compliance.


Nowadays, voice search is used by many customers to find products and the answers online on a regular basis. Being unsuccessful in optimizing the pages can cause you to miss out on the valuable traffic resource.

There should be a focus on the long tail keywords, and a conversational tone and language should be adopted. People who are into using the voice search feature frame their doubts as a question. Thus, identifying the questions which would be asked by the target audience and providing short and spot on answers can improve the chances of showing up in voice search.


Video format is used by the majority of marketers for driving traffic, boosting the user experience and enhancing dwell time. Even a short video can help you to stand out in a crowd and convey the messages in an effective manner.

To ascertain that video marketing is effective, there should be surety about the fact that it ticks all the SEO boxes. It should have a fast loading speed, and should not slow down the page. It should also coincide with the requirements of core web vitals. It should also be optimized for the mobile. The video should be promoted via different channels including social media for more effectiveness.


One method for boosting the value of the blog posts is republishing and refurbishing them. The posts that are bringing large traffic should be identified. They should be read and determined if they can be improved.

  • Check the spelling and grammar.
  • Update the internal as well as external links.
  • Add the most relevant data.
  • Provide additional information, if possible.

Once the content has been transformed, it should be republished with a new date. It will help in re-ranking the content. Efforts should also be made on re-promoting the content. Make sure to tell the world about the new posts, and reach a wider audience. This will help in driving fresh traffic to the updated pages.


Preference should be given to the long form content than the shorter articles. It would rank better in 2022. However, the key is writing quality posts rather than long form content. This would provide more value to the reader.

Writing a quality article is all that you need to rank it well. When it comes to the frequency of publishing, a consistent schedule should be followed. Generally twice a week is all you need to hit to get noticed by the search engines. Quality content should be posted rather than writing rubbish.


Search engine AIs have become even more smarter and are more efficient in understanding the search intent. Consequently, better results are delivered. To get this point right, make sure to consider what the users want from a search. Your search console is a great way to start analyzing how the pages are currently working and if any changes could be made to them.


You should ensure that the SEO strategy adopted should compliment the sales and marketing tactics and goals. Non alignment will cause you to miss on a lot of opportunities. For example, if the marketing team is promoting some page that has not been optimized, the influx of the visitors will quickly abandon the ship. In a similar manner, if the sales team has a vision of pushing some product or service, the SEO team can help, by providing better content or fine-tuning the personas of the buyers.


The landscape associated with SEO is not expected to undergo any earth shattering changes in the year 2022. However, the changes would be remarkable in themselves. Content marketers should feel the fact that gathering traffic is no piece of cake. An integrated approach has to be followed by the content marketers to implement SEO. Besides this the latest trends such as the ones mentioned earlier in the blog should be adhered to.

I hope you enjoyed reading this; all the best with your SEO efforts.