7 Trends That are Reshaping the SEO Strategies- 2020

SEO is the youngest, fast-paced and most dynamic digital marketing discipline in the e–world. Things are not the same today than those a decade, a couple or even a year ago. The basic underlying principle remains the same i.e. improving online visibility and searchability. But the strategies involved keep on changing just like a never-ending spiral. All thanks to ever-changing Google and other search engine algorithms that are trying really hard to make the journey of internet users even more difficult. 

To stay alive and visible on online platforms, you need to comply with the changing SEO trends. Have a look at some of the major SEO trends 2020 that are essential to staying within the search engine framework.

1.     Mobile and Voice Search

As more and more people are using mobile networks for searches, Google has switched its algorithms by introducing a mobile-first index. This simply implies that the mobile version of the website would be used for indexing and generating ranks.  

Do you know? If your website is not mobile-friendly (responsive) or has a lesser content, then you are at high risk of losing rankings for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Mobile and Voice search is redefining future technologies and trends. The voice-powered smart assistants such as Amazon Alex and Google Home which were just a name a year ago have become a major requirement of every smart home.

All webpreneurs must know how to optimize their websites for voice searches. By understanding the conventional SEO trends, you can prodigiously boost your traffic as well as rankings. It is predicted that by the end of 2020, more than 50% of the searches would be voice-driven.

For a voice initiated search, staying on top of SERPs is the need of the hour (instead of the first page) because the result returned after a voice search is the first result of the SERP. You can start by optimizing for long-tail keywords followed by optimizing your website for the mobile devices.

2.     Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are usually small excerpts from the content that is displayed in the first organic result or what we call “position 0”. Google started these rich snippets to drive more traffic and clicks towards the website.

Do you know? 54.68% of the clicks come from these featured snippets.

These snippets are usually picked during voice searches as well. Just a click from the mobile device and you get all the desired information. Featured snippets don’t play an active role in rank deciding but are an important task of the mobile optimization strategy.

3.     Influencer Marketing

Intrusive ads often make internet users feel inundated. This is adversely affecting the authenticity and trust amongst the netizens for the ads. This is the main reason that influencer marketing is gaining momentum over time. The influencer marketing campaigns are designed by roping-in a social celebrity who promotes the product/ services or a business. This strategy helps in a better engagement than a normal ad.

Influencer marketing not only amplifies the content reach but eventually boosts the clicks and generates more leads to the website.

Before approaching an influencer, make sure that they belong to your niche or industry. If the influencer is holding a strong digital presence and is an authority figure, their backlinks will serve you as a goldmine.

So, opting for an influencer marketing can

  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Offer more reach and visibility
  • Boost lead generation
  • Help building more strong backlinks
  • Generate more clicks, traffic
  • Improve search engine rankings.

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4.     Local SEO

Another trend for which you need to optimize your content is the local searches or often termed as “Local Packs”.

Do you know? For a mobile user, the local pack can take a full one SERP and you may need to explore the next pages for non-local results.

The key is to optimize your website for keywords such as “address”, “near me”, “nearby”, “phone-number” etc. All this can be accomplished in one fell sweep by creating a business page on “Google My Business”.

You can go for competitor analysis and check out what backlinks they are using. Ensure that you cannot just afford any random backlinks but you need the ones that Google considers locally authoritative. Keep tracking your local performance and reshape your local-SEO strategies based on the analytics received.

5.     High-Quality Content

When we talk about content, it is just not the blogs and articles. Content is a broad term that includes videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. No matter what content you innovate to strike your web-presence but the underlying criteria is that it should be searchable.

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We all know that original and high-quality content ranks on top of organic searches. To grow with the changing SEO trends, you need to showcase your content on various platforms as well. For example, a 2000 word blog post can easily be reformatted into a video or an info-graphic. These reformatted posts can be shared on social media, Youtube and other platforms as well. This new way of promulgation will amp up the visibility and web presence strikingly. 

6.     Brand Building

To get noticed and entice traffic, you need to establish yourself as a “Brand”. Paid ads are a good option for increasing visibility but things will change in the near future. The ROI from paid ads will decrease due to their increased prevalence. Moreover, everyone cannot afford to go for such expensive options.

For brand building and brand awareness, here are some upcoming trends that are gaining traction.

  1. Building quality link profiles
  2. Managing link-less brand mentions
  3. Influencer marketing
  4. Giveaways and promotional campaigns on social media

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7.     Secure and Fast Websites Are a Must

Google aims to offer a secure and authenticated browsing experience to its users. The security and safety factor of the users is not directly linked with any of the ranking criteria but plays an important role in boosting UX (user experience). The dwell off time for unsafe websites is quite high. This bounce rate sometimes usually affects the rankings and the position of the websites in organic listings.

People love exploring websites that load fast. They are likely to switch to the next SERP result in case the top-ranked pages are facing a delay in loading. Google considers the fastness of the website as one of the factors while generating rankings.   

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The moment the digital marketers think that they have mastered a particular SEO strategy, Google surprises with a new algorithm launch. SEO is just not the use of keywords to gain rankings but is much more than that. It means aiming to optimize for voice search, improving mobile experience, introducing best-featured snippets, offering a secure UX, brand building, brand awareness and high-quality content. The crust of the post is that we should always strive to keep one hand on the changing pulse of SEO and other on adjusting our strategies to stay alive and active on the internet.

What SEO strategies are you following?

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