8 Free Blogging Tools for Every Budding Blogger

The competition in the blogosphere is so tough that you cannot afford to make a single mistake. You need to enter the arena after thorough preparation. You have to show yourself as a pro to gain audience love from the first blog itself. Being a budding blogger you may be on a fixed budget and cannot afford to buy premium and paid software. However, there is no need to worry as I will be sharing a list of very useful and effective yet free Blogging tools in this post:

1.     Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most advanced and well-equipped traffic reporting and analytical tool. The best part is that it is backed by the trust of Google and is absolutely free. A majority of the webmasters avail the advantage of this amazing tool to take strategic decisions and be successful.

Now, have a look at what Google Analytics does for the blog?

  • This tool helps the webmasters to review and track the ongoing online campaigns and reports the quality of blog pages along with conversions. All the details such as sales, leads generated, visits, downloads, etc are captured by Google Analytics.
  • The in-depth information regarding the traffic such as visitor’s geographical location, browser, language, the device used (mobile/desktop), duration of stay, etc can be analyzed using Google Analytics.
  • You can easily identify poorly performing pages and devise a solution to boost their performance.
  • You can track any number of websites owned by you. Apart from this, you can easily integrate analytics with other Google services such as AdWords, Adsense, Search Console, Blogger, etc.

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2.     Google Search Console

This is another free blogging tool offered by Google. You can seamlessly optimize your blog with the help of Google Search Console. You can submit your website’s sitemap for the Google bots to crawl. In fact, you can customize your robots.txt file and include the instructions for the bots. The bots will read your instructions and index accordingly.

You can easily check the external and internal links pointing to your blog. It gives a list of the URLs that are not crawled by the bots and then, you can fix them accordingly. Google Search Console enables you to look into keywords for which your website has appeared in the SERPs. It also tells the rank of the website as well as the click-through rate.

You can easily select your preferred URL that would be displayed in SERPs. As a blogger, GSC allows you to customize your HTML code to display your web page on rich search results and optimizes your pages for AMP.  The penalty notifications can also be tracked.

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3.     Google Keyword Planner

You need to use the right keywords in your blog for getting relevant organic traffic. Google Keyword Planner is another free tool that helps you chalk out the best traffic driving keywords for your website. This planner lists the trending keywords both common and long-tail ones. The tool also displays statistics such as difficulty level, number of searches, etc.

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4.     Yoast Plugin

If you are a WordPress user, then you must be familiar with the Yoast plugin. This SEO plugin works as an SEO assistant for you. It truly helps to make your blog SEO optimized. Your complete on-page SEO is dealt with by Yoast. All important points related to SEO are highlighted in red that may have been missed by you while writing the blog post. You need to make minor tweaks and your post is all set to rule the e-world.

5.     Grammarly

As a blogger, you will give your 100% for a great quality post that is loved by the audience. But for the writers who are not native in English, it’s obvious that there will be some grammar or typo mistakes. So, Grammarly is all there to help you. Grammarly keeps on checking whatever you type and offers suggestions to make it more correct, accurate and engaging. You can make corrections in real-time. You may install the Grammarly plug-in in your browser or perform the check by copy-pasting the content. This can also be achieved by uploading the document.

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6.     Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tools are just like your personal SEO smart assistant. The website offers a myriad of SEO activities such as plagiarism checker, article rewriter, Alexa rank calculator, spell checker, count words, image editing and conversion tools, keyword related features, backlink checker and other website management tools. The features offered are absolutely free of cost.

7.    Social Media Engagement tools

There is no need to explain the importance of SMM in digital marketing. It is very vital to understand how well your social media posts are performing. Facebook is the most popular social media platform that is used by almost every netizen. Using the Facebook Page Insights, you can get to know about the engagement offered by your posts. Similarly, for analyzing your tweets and followers, you have Twitter Analytics. These analytics and reports help the bloggers to decide on the next strategy to follow.

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8.     SEOprofiler

You can easily optimize the web pages of your blog using this free tool. SEOprofiler helps you to track your competitor’s data as well. The website allows the bloggers to monitor rank, audit the website, analyze links, On-Page SEO, link building and conduct other keywords related research. In fact, it can also manage your social media marketing.

Winding Up

So, now you know the top 8 free blogging tools for every budding blogger that are budget-friendly and extremely helpful. These tools help to lift your pain from everyday blogging affairs. Also, they will help you to capture relevant traffic for maximum conversions and lead generation. So, start building quality content and make money online with your blog.

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