9 Things to Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

What is the first thing that you do after publishing your blog post?

Sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms!

That’s the first reaction of most of the bloggers.

But let’s get real. You are not going to generate a good number of leads by just promulgating on social media and moving on with your next blog. Sharing only on social media platforms is not going to cut it. You need to rework your strategy to get traction for your blog!

Most of us spend hours and days writing new blogs and just forget the ones that have been published. You would be tempted to quickly move on to start writing for the next blog but that would be a waste of your effort.

The main purpose of creating the blog gets defeated if your posts remain unheard.

You should maintain a 20:80 time ratio, 20% time to write the posts and the remaining 80% to entice the people to read what you have published. This will help to maximize the impact of your content and unveil its true potential.

 Here are 9 sure shot and 100% tried-tested tips that will make your blog a popular tourist destination from a barren unvisited wasteland and will increase your traffic to 10x.  

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1.     Proofread the Published Post

This is pretty obvious… but needs to be mentioned.

We don’t write directly on the blog editor. We all use some word-editors such as MS-Word, Eclipse, Google docs, etc. The formatting of the content is affected when we copy-paste the typed content from these editors to the main post.

So, my first concern is avoiding formatting issues and second is, avoiding typos, grammar and spelling mistakes. You may be using an inbuilt spellchecker or the software such as “Grammarly” but nothing can beat the eyes of a professional.

So, #1 is proofreading the post at least twice after publishing and before hitting the share button.

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2.     Internally Linking the Old Posts

This is just like killing two birds with one arrow at a time.

You must be linking your older posts in the new post but vice versa works even better. How? Read on to learn about the advantages of internal linking:

  • It encourages your readers to explore new and latest posts.
  • The moment you hit the update button of older posts, it pushes them up on SEO Stack.
  • It offers the desired SEO juice and improves site architecture/ structure.
  • It establishes the validity of your new post.
  • The overall authority of internal pages is strengthened.

So, #2 is internally linking your relevant older posts with the new post.

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3.     Social Media Marketing

Sharing is something that everyone does on social media. But you need to do more than just sharing. You need to follow “SMART SHARING” stratagems.

 Yes! I am talking about social media marketing that calls for never-ending social media sharing.

Rather than just sharing the link, add some infographics or excerpts from the post. This will act as a binding hook. You can also connect with influencers or start a contest/campaign that involves sharing and winning concept. 

Give your audience free cash (you can use wallets such as Paytm, PhonePe, etc), gift coupons (Amazon, subway, Flipkart, etc), gift hampers, or anything that suits you.

The more the post is shared or viewed, the more it gains exposure and circulation on social media.

So, #3 is to deploy a Never-Ending Social Media Campaign and become a smart blogger.

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4.     Persuade Influencers to Spread the Word

I talked about influencers in #3.

New term?

Social influencers are people who are just like celebrities on social media. They have a huge audience following. People believe and trust them for whatever they do or say.

Bingo! You need to find some good influencers for your niche. Just DM them or drop-in an email stating your agenda and offer them a deal that they cannot refuse! Or else, negotiations are always a good option.

One share by an influencer offers your post hundreds to thousands of views as compared to few views by normal sharing on timeline.

How to find influencers?

  • Explore Internet/ social platforms
  • Connect with some digital marketing agencies in your area.

#4 is to persuade the influencers to spread your word to the world.

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5.     Hunt for Juicy Backlinks

When you add juicy high-quality backlinks to your post, it proves Google that your post is worthy to stay on page one. The Internet is full of bloggers and you need to find the ones who write around your niche.

Connect or email the blogger and explain to them that you enjoyed reading their posts and you have written a post related to their topic. Persuade them to read your post and link it back to their post.

Not every blogger will say yes but you can definitely expect 10% of them will reply with a positive response. 

You can also comment on other bloggers posts having a similar niche and subtly share your post link. Start by providing valuable answers to hot questions in Quora.

#5 is to hunt for juicy backlinks and try to jump higher in Google SERPs.

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6.     Email Newsletter

Your email subscribers are the most loyal followers. You can also check out their response by a teaser email before publishing your post. There are many tools available to automate the emailing process that helps you design as well as send all emails in a single click.

7.     Replying to Comments

Make it a thumb rule to reply to each and every comment you get on your post.

Do you know that comments are searchable? So, try to push a maximum conversation through commenting and replying. Also, it’s intuitive that more engagements and comments will encourage new users to comment and view the post. 

So, #7 is replying to every single comment that should be considered as a priority.

8.     Repurpose into Other Formats

If your post is more than 1000 words, it can easily be repurposed into other formats such as video, podcast, infographics, presentation, PDF version, etc. Don’t leave your post to die in the deep world of the internet after publishing it. Repurpose it and share it on every platform possible. You can hire a scriptwriter or logo designer who will help you get the thing done professionally.

#8 is to repurpose your format into other interesting formats to gain maximum visibility on every platform.

9.     Analyze the Numbers

It’s crucial to study the data and numbers. Give a deep insight into the blog analytics such as traffic, page views, engagements and demographic locations, etc. This will help you in understanding the interests of the readers and plays an important role in tweaking new designing and sharing strategies for future posts.

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Winding Up

I hope now you know that the work actually begins after hitting the “publish” button. Don’t take your foot off the gas; else it would be a waste of effort that you have put in creating the post.

Try these nine strategies on your older posts and remember them to implement in the new ones as well. Give a fair chance to every post to do its best and grab traffic to your blog. Following these simple and easy tips will improve your income from blogging as well.

What stratagems do you use to tout your blog to achieve maximum visibility and circulation?