A Journey of #1 Bestselling Author from Tents to Harvard Classrooms

Our #BloggingAnecdotes campaign brings to you, yet, another story of a woman influencer. This is the story of Dr. Swati Lodha, a name that reckons with success, fame, and women empowerment. She seems larger than life to those who have read her work. And, she is no different to the tens and thousands of students whom she has groomed and transformed over the years.

A lady, who needs no formal introduction, is the author of the Amazon Bestseller ‘Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself’ and other impeccable works like ‘Come On! Get Set Go’, Why Women are What They Are’. She is also a leadership coach, motivational speaker and parenting expert. Moreover, she is the founder of Life Lemonade. A doctorate in Women Entrepreneurship, she has served as a dean of three premier Management Schools of India.

A Journey from Tents to Harvard Classrooms

Her journey, as she describes it, is an interesting and enriching mix that started in the desert town of Barmer, Rajasthan. The early years of her schooling equipped her with the best survival tools. She recalls how her classroom was literally nothing more than a tent for almost two years in a recently opened school.

“Despite starting every morning looking at dust laden desks, footprints of reptiles in the sand beneath, and with hot temperamental winds blowing in our faces, I hardly remember any complaining voice. We collected and counted the thorns stuck in our socks, we observed the silkworms which appeared after most- awaited rains and we studied.” – Dr. Swati

In fact, it was this very lack of resources complementing her parent’s guidance that paved her path towards the excellence. It was only her willingness to excel that made her overpower all the hurdles.

It was at a small leadership program during her college days that she was awakened to a career of her dreams. While the speaker at the program was talking about paradigm shifts, a girl was in the process of writing her destiny. Even though, she was not familiar with terms like motivational speaker and counselor; she decided that she would become a life coach. A girl with an iron-will initiated her first venture – SWASH Pvt. Ltd when she was only 21. Today, she has groomed more than 10,000 students and professionals by the means of this venture.

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While SWASH was scaling extraordinary heights, Dr. Swati was yet to be crowned with more academic excellence and glory. She pursued MBA (Hons) and finished her doctorate in Women Entrepreneurship from Rajasthan. To add more feathers to her cap, she even attended the Executive Education Program at Harvard Kennedy School of Governance. The participants of this program were senior professionals from across the globe.

Life Lemonade: The act of her Solopreneur Streak

“When life gives her clients lemons, she teaches them how to make lemonade.”

While she was using her expertise to consolidate the position of a B-School in Mumbai, her Solopreneur streak came calling again. This time it was to provide focused knowledge sharing sessions and action-oriented workshops to corporate organizations. Hence, Life Lemonade was founded. Just like a refreshing and simple glass of lemonade, her workshops are an interesting mix of knowledge, experience and action in the areas of Behavior Design, Women Empowerment, Life Transformation, Leadership, and Parenting.

Harvard Classrooms, bestselling author

Moon Parenting

Despite the monumental successes of her career, she is also a compassionate mother to a 16year old daughter. Parenting for this lady influencer is not an instructional manual, but a prayer. An author of the bestselling book on parenting, she coined the term ‘Moon Parenting’ by associating the journey of Parenting with that of Moon. Her book describes the true meaning of parenting in today’s digital world. For her, ‘Parenting’ is an emotion which energizes us to feel and act as parents.

Final Words

Dr. Swati who is an observer, writer, teacher, trainer; and an educationist has dedicated her entire life to helping others- by motivating them and guiding them on the right path. Her charisma, dynamism, and versatility are such that she has left everyone spellbound. She combines her high-octane energy with so much calm that it motivates her students to perform. And, they do, in fact, perform. They succeed and they live their lives in full glory without any need of Social Proof or Acceptance. We salute a lady who inspires and is herself an inspiration.