A Roller-coaster Journey- From CareerAddict to the Entrepreneur

So I am back and honestly, it has been a long wait. Due to some technical glitch, the blog went down for a couple of days and I missed writing here terribly. Although I am writing posts on a daily basis for different clients of mine, writing here on this blog is special and extremely close to my heart.

Having said that, I am going to talk about my journey as a freelance blogger from CareerAddict to the Entrepreneur in today’s blog post of mine. Yes, you got it right!  I am now on the board of Entrepreneurs team of freelance writers and this is super exciting.

The journey, this far, has not been easy. There have been a number of ups and downs. There was a lot of learning involved in the whole process and I got to explore even more on this roller coaster journey of mine.

The flashback of events, during the last couple of years, made me realize how one thing led to another and helped me come this far. There are many dots that still remain unconnected but it has been a powerful discovery for me. If I were to join the dots and reflect on how it happened, my analysis would be as given below:

I was a dreamer first and an achiever later.

I always had a dream of making it big in my career and professional life. But there was a phase in life when I had stopped dreaming. I still don’t know if it was my submissive nature or a mere act of selfishness that led me to make easier choices in life. Those convenient choices I made in life had somewhere created a vacuum in my heart. I believe something in the universe conspired and people around me motivated me to start dreaming once again. The dreams were not any different this time. It was just that I was now much stronger and confident. This time, there was a belief. I was willing to fight and do everything to chase my dreams. I look back to realize that this attitude is something that made all the difference. But if there would not have been dreams in the first place, nothing else could have helped. Thank you to all those who helped me reinstate my belief in the power of dreams.

It didn’t happen overnight

Nothing comes easy in life. Not even tears! I am not kidding. No one becomes famous overnight and same goes for content that goes viral online. There is a lot that goes behind the scenes- immense hard work, hunger for success and the countless number of failures. I too had my share of disappointments. I have already shared in one of my posts that I started from nowhere. Even though I hold degrees in Computer Applications and Information Technology, I never got a chance to work and make a practical application of my knowledge. One more time, I had opted for the most convenient option and took the job of a lecturer in my college. I don’t really regret doing that because it helped me discover my passion for teaching and on the basis of it; I conducted several Blogging workshops later in my career. What I regret is the reason for which that choice was made- it came very easy. The agony I felt as a result of mistakes I had made early in my life left a deep mark somewhere inside me. Although the decision to take up Blogging as a full-time career came very late, it came with clarity that there would be no looking back. After I started, there were many low points and failures. But I knew there was no choice this time. More than anything else, I knew the pain of living with unfulfilled dreams. So I had to pull it off and this worked.

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Whenever there was a low feeling, I would seek reassurance from my loved ones. I was lucky for they believed in my work and encouraged me to move on. I won’t hide the fact that I felt low too frequently. Even though I believed in my dreams, I needed reassurance all the time. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the support I got.

When one door closed, another opened

I would work day and night to get more clients and expand my work. I remember sending out 15-20 emails/ messages in one day, all in vain. All my efforts would help me fetch a few projects. The next challenge, however, was to gain stability especially in the field of social media marketing. The clients generally look for quicker results without having to spend much money. The projects, therefore, tend to be of short duration. Losing a client can be really demotivating, especially when you are struggling hard to meet your targets.

What helped me was my understanding of the market trends that made me realize the future lies in content marketing and thus, I started focussing on getting more work in the space of Blogging and Article writing. I think it was both luck and the quality of work I delivered to my clients that made it possible for me to win a new project every time I lost one.

Finally, I understand there is still a long way to go. And, I hope to continue receiving the same amount of love and admiration for my work. It means a lot!