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Welcome to the Blogging Hacks!

The Blogging Hacks’ was started by Sania Gupta, the award-winning blogger and digital marketer as a personal blog in the year 2016. Sania is an avid reader, a passionate writer and a travel enthusiast. Her work has been published on several leading digital platforms including Entrepreneur, Career Addict, Your Story and Women of Courage (WOW). She is working with businesses small and big across the globe providing them 360° digital marketing solutions. Her work has won her several awards and a lot of industry recognition.

Besides running her full-stack digital marketing agency, she conducts workshops on Blogging and other modules of Digital Marketing to share her expertise and knowledge with the students. She has played an instrumental role in helping a number of students start their own blogs and pursue Blogging as a hobby or full-time career.
Writing comes naturally to her and penning down her thoughts is one thing she enjoys doing the most besides traveling and exploring the world. This blog is her passion and she feels driven to share her life, travel tales, life mantras and of course, the blogging tips with her readers through it. Her blog attracts a large number of readers from diverse locations especially from the country of her birth India.

If you have any requirements for Blog Setup & Maintenance, Blogging, Promotional Blog posts and Digital Marketing services; you may drop her a line at admin@theblogginghacks.com.


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