Am I Just Alive Or Living My Life?

It’s a common saying, “Forget the past, don’t worry about the future, and live only in present” yet very few of us go with this. Instead, each one of us has given different meanings to this whole idea of living in the present.

There are few who want to splurge in their lives right now because they don’t believe in tomorrow and then there are others who have made it a “when/ then” game.

What is it that I call a “when/ then” game?

I will wait for the right time to come….

When I get into 40’s then I will….

Only when my kids are settled then….

That is, we often wait for one thing to happen to carry out the second. In the process, we not only deprive ourselves but the people around us of certain things that may hold a lot of significance.

We just keep waiting for the right time to come that hardly comes. Sigh!

Is life a journey or a destination?

I always thought it to be a journey, but when I see people around it seems as if I’ve been assuming it all wrong.

I, often, meet people who are in a great rush to reach their destination. They want to reach there as quickly as possible. Along the way, what is missing is the realization of losing things that are more significant and not even know where their life is headed.

Such people don’t even feel the bliss of reaching where they’ve been wanting all this while.

Can we live our lives over?

Sadly, never!

All that is left is regrets.

Having said that, it is very easy to categorize what kind of life the other person is living? If that person is in the right place at the right time living his life or is just waiting for the right time to come?

This makes me wonder, “Am I just alive or living my life”?

Being alive is no different from being desperate to reach somewhere, leaving everything and enjoying nothing that comes your way.

Coming back to the question, I feel there is no definite answer to my question. I certainly don’t believe in leaving anything until tomorrow. Even not in waiting for a morning that may never dawn.

So, it’s definitely more than being alive. But, am I even close to living it?

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There are desires and goals in life. And, there are things that always fascinate me.  Even though I try to be least expecting yet my expectations never cease to exist.

I try hard to savor each and every moment in my life, yet there are times I fail.

Losing a loved one scares me and then there is a fear of failure. The word “destiny” haunts me like it does anyone else. More than often, I find myself under the control of emotions and I know I’ve lost it.

What makes me contented, however, is the fact that I am at least conscious of not letting the moments pass by. Perhaps, I believe in creating memories of traveling, spending time with people who matter to me and accomplishing goals. Memories are, indeed, my treasure.

I know it looks so perfect and you might argue that I am trying to portray a rosy picture.

How I wish it was that simple?

Even though I don’t believe in having regrets, there are many things I would want to change if I’m given a chance to live my life over.

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