Am I Close to Being a Minimalist?

What is Minimalism?

Is it the intention to live your life with only those things that you need or matter in your life?


Is it the freedom from a passion for possessing?

It is both. Becoming a minimalist is living a life that encourages intentionality. It is the removal of things that distract you and promotion of things that you value. It’s becoming better with less. It’s about not buying happiness by accumulating things. Rather, it is about seeking happiness by finding life- the life that exists in relationships, experiences and our inner self.

Minimalism is something that encourages eunoia!

Traveling remains my only passion. I yearn to travel to new places and the idea of being solivagant fascinates me more than anything else.

I rarely splurge in my day-to-day life and believe in savings. The only intent is to spend less and save more for travel. I have been trying to make this a routine and a permanent part of my lifestyle. And it was recently I stumbled upon the blog on minimalism. Having read some amazing and thought-provoking posts on the blog it brings a whole new array of thoughts to my mind.

Am I close to being a minimalist?

By trying to focus on my travel goals, am I trying to be better with less?

A few minutes of introspection reveals it all. With no intention of being a minimalist, I have been directing my energy, effort, and resources towards the things that give me real happiness. But, I am yet far away from shunning out the things that are superfluous and don’t really matter much. I understand the purpose of my life yet I am far from experiencing the real freedom. There is a passion to be pursued but it requires me to reclaim my time and eliminate my discontent. And there is a lot to be done in order to find happiness through life and not through things.

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Because there is a lot to be done and also because there are certain things that inspire me more than the idea of being a part of consumer culture, I have decided to challenge myself. Motivated by the lives of Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus (, there is a strong desire to embark myself on a journey that can help me pursue a purpose-driven life with greater determination. It is a wish to live the life of a minimalist- to focus on my life goals, to get rid of just-in-case things, and finally not to assign any meanings to things I own.

How does it work?

It is not about bringing any drastic change to my routine or giving up any of the things. It is about simply challenging myself to become a better person and a happier me. No more spending on things that don’t matter much to me but have to be bought because of consumer culture that has been built around me. Much more hard work and completely letting go off the negativity (Even though I strive hard to maintain positivity, there is still a lot to be done on this front).

This goes on for a minimum of 3 months. What I gain and what I lose- the process of evaluation is scheduled at the end of a 3rd month.

I won’t leave a chance to ask you if you’re a game in challenging yourself to live your dreams and walk away from insignificant things. If yes, ping me and there will be a lot to share with no room for any disappointment.

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