CrescendoSPeak on Autism: Efforts to Bring Awareness

The next story in our ‘Success Stories’ section of our Blog is the inspirational work being done by a young, dynamic, versatile and compassionate Dr. Priyanaka Kalra. Dr. Priyanka is an MD in Psychiatry and practices as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Child and Adolescent specialist.

Besides being a fellow of various medical associations, she is a face to numerous welfare and women empowerment platforms.

Being an advisor to CrescendoSPeak for psychiatric and psychological issues related crescendos, she is constantly working towards her mission to raise awareness regarding various prevalent medical problems in our society.

A woman of intelligence and wit, Dr. Priyanak reflects abundant positivity and calmness.

Her efforts and commitment towards bringing a positive change have, somehow, reinstated our faith in a noble profession of Medicine that, otherwise, seems to have become commercial.

Crescendo Autism

Talking about her variegated projects and different roles, we were fascinated to know in-depth about her latest project.

A very humble and noble woman, she agrees to share with us her latest project “Awareness Autism”.

She is working in conjunction with team CrescendoSPeak to do their bit on the World Autism Awareness Day this year, that is, April 2.

Together, they reached out to a number of NGOs tackling with Autism to help them get the word out on social media regarding their efforts on Autism.

The term Autism describes a group of developmental disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Sadly, ASD is one of the most prevalent disorders in our society. Dr. Priyanaka reveals that all her efforts are directed towards bringing awareness about this disorder that is plaguing our society. According to her, the awareness for the same is at draconian levels.

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Dr. Priyanka and team CrescendoSPeak are hosting 4 campaigns/ crescendos for 4 different NGOs that are set to blast on April 2 across different social media channels.

One of the crescendos “Autism Awareness Day- 2nd April” highlights the efforts of an NGO- Tanay Foundation to spread awareness about ASD and break the prejudices associated with this disorder.

Given below is a link to Crescendo for our readers who wish to support the campaign:

Another crescendo “Autism: Early Intervention” recognizes the efforts of an NGO- Ananya Foundation with an objective of promoting the awareness concerning the need for early diagnosis and intervention of high-risk children with ASD.

Link to Crescendo:

The other two crescendos focus on screening highlights of Autism and Autism awareness event being celebrated on April 2.

We at the Blogging Hacks genuinely applaud such efforts.

Always working towards our punch line Driving change and bringing transformation!!

To know more about Autism,  you might want to read Dr. Priyanka’s information-rich blog: What is Autism?

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