How to Become a Famous Blogger or Freelance Writer Using LinkedIn?

There is no dearth of opportunities to become a famous blogger or freelance writer so as to make money online. The 3-step process is extremely simple and easy to implement. In case there is a difficulty trusting me, try doing it yourself and the results will be amazing. All you need to do is:

  1. Showcase your skills in a right manner
  2. Grab the attention of your potential employers
  3. Earn yourself a project

Are you wondering how to go about completing the process in a manner that ensures a great deal of success? To begin with, there are different platforms to showcase your professional skills. However, I strongly recommend LinkedIn. LinkedIn, as you may already know, is a professional networking website. And, it is one of the very few platforms where some serious work is done. Not only can you engage the audience here with your work, but also win rewarding projects to become an influence in the world of Bloggers.

Using a LinkedIn Profile to Become a Famous Blogger or Writer

Following is the lowdown of techniques that may be implemented on LinkedIn to become a popular blogger or freelance writer:

  1. Always keep your profile updated with the essential details like work experience, skills, education, etc. Further, recommendations and endorsements are feathers to your cap.
  2. Add the contacts relevant to your field of work– To model, if you blog career articles; it is wisdom to add the Editors, Sub-editors, Chief Writers of top career blogs and publications to your contact list.
  3. What I am going to tell you now does wonder for your freelance writing career– Never forget to share any post that is written by you on LinkedIn! In fact, you must strive to share your work from different categories like career, technology, fiction, etc. You never know which write-up ends up generating the maximum number of views and thus, more business!
  4. Consider publishing posts on your LinkedIn profile to enhance your profile visibility. And, in case you own a blog the process is a lot easier for you. You may simply re-publish the highest quality posts from your blog. The following snapshot illustrates the posts I re-published from the blogging hacks to my LinkedIn profile.

how to become a famous blogger

  1. Believe me, you can’t miss this! Unleash the power that lies within LinkedIn groups. For past many years, I have shared my articles on different platforms. Surprisingly, the platform that drives maximum audience engagement is LinkedIn groups. How can you do this? You need to search for groups relevant to your niche. For example, I am a member of the following groups:

The Social Blogger

Blogging for Coaches

Freelance Web Writers and many more…

*Blogging Hack* Shortlist groups with maximum members

A Simple and Quick Method of Sharing Posts in Different Groups

Step1: Click the LinkedIn sharing button on your post.

Step 2: A pop-up window opens. You need to click the box that says “Post to groups”. The window, now, looks like:

how to become a famous blogger

Step 3: Next, start typing the name of groups you have already joined. Following this, mention the title of your post and hit the share button. And, it’s done! Using this technique you can share your post in multiple groups at the same time.

In case you’re still not convinced by the effectiveness of this technique, the snapshot given below will help you gaze the level of audience engagement:

famous blogger

  1. Finally, you must stay active on LinkedIn all the time. It is because the potential employers are most likely going to contact you through this platform. Watch out for project offers, queries, and recent job postings.

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Last Words: LinkedIn is going to play a crucial role in your journey as a Blogger and you must make the best use of it!

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