Become a Freelance Writer: Identifying Skills that Sells

As a freelance writer, there are some well-known benefits that make you want to come out of the cubicle and enjoy the freedom of making money sitting anywhere without being micromanaged by your boss.

Because there is so much awesomeness involved in becoming a freelance writer/ blogger, I get so many queries on how to become one.

What you must know is that the most difficult part is getting started and it becomes a lot easier after that.

It’s about taking that first step. Even more, it’s about how much you want to excel as a freelance writer. Those who have the courage to plunge in deeper are the ones who come out winners.

So the question is if you have it in you?

The major thing when it comes to building the career of a freelance writer is the identification of skills that are valuable, can be marketed and sold to others.

What are those skills that are in demand in the market?

1. Niche Writing

With growing emphasis on work-life balance, more and more people are looking at flexible work options. And freelance writing/ blogging remains the most sought after profession. Because everyone out there is so keen on launching himself/ herself as a writer/ author, it becomes crucial that you do the things in a right manner. To start with, you must never try to do everything in a one go. Go slow! Specialize yourself in specific genres of writing. Specialization in, whatever field of work it is, is always in demand. The same goes for writers. Once you master the specific areas of writing; you will never find yourself short of work and clients. But, by simply trying to grab writing projects without putting creativity/ talent in them is like putting your writing career on autopilot. This might just be the end of all your career aspirations/ goals.

2. Story Narration

Do you have the skills to narrate stories to your readers in a manner that is beautiful and full of creativity?

If you can write stuff that can engage your readers to an extent that they find themselves completely engrossed in your writings and forget the outside world, you are blessed with the writing skills that sell in the market.

Because there are so many out there who claim themselves to be freelance writers/ bloggers, you need skills that can distinguish you from the crowd. It goes without saying there is no room for conventional or boring pieces of work.

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3. Power to Sell

Are your words powerful enough to convince the readers into buying your stories?

If yes, you have the rare talent to sell brands/ products through your words. This is something businesses are looking for in writers to enhance their brand visibility and for increasing their sales. By virtue of this talent, you can get to work with some leading brands/ business across the globe and get a significant raise in your earnings. With the magic of their words and marketing tactics, the bloggers and social media marketers are making huge money these days.

It is, therefore, about the identification of profitable skills. Upon the identification of those skills, your focus has to be the enrichment of those skills. If you succeed in doing these basic things (even if they seem to be difficult), you’ll cross all major hurdles and embark yourself on the journey of becoming a successful freelance writer.