How to Become an Influence in the World of Bloggers?

If you are reading this, it occurs to me that you have been blogging for a while now. The reasons behind your writing blog posts may be variegated. However, as Bloggers there lies a similarity in your career graph. It lies in a fact that all of you are craving the fan following. There is not enough traffic to your blog, no comments and even more, no writing assignments. Disappointing!

You might already have tried everything from changing the design of your blog to improving your vocabulary or even the mode of composition. As much as you want it to work out, it doesn’t happen. Some of you quit already and others are in the word of mouth. Simply, is this going to be a good move?

No! I am very regretful, but I can’t vouch for it.

Wait until you read this and then make a decision!

Why are other Bloggers more Popular than you?

There is a feeling that the bloggers out there were born lucky and you’re the one who is not fortunate enough. No silver spoons for you? Well, here lies a trick-of-the-trade. To be precise, they are way smarter than you. They understand that Blogging is a lot more than the SEO, Google page ranking, blog designing, and layout. They don’t have a typical Blogging routine like others and do not just stick to the things mentioned above.

Reasons behind the other Bloggers’ Success

The World Around Them:

Do they dwell in a different world? No!

It’s elementary. They have built the world around them that is so much different from yours. It’s a lot more positive than it is close to you. They spend time with like-minded people and cautiously choose to stay away from the negativity. A great deal of positivism reflects in their spirits.

How Exactly do they Work?

They do a lot of homework for realizing the needs of their audience. They read popular blogs to analyze what’s missing in theirs. They believe in doing things differently.

They talk, walk, eat and sleep “Blogging”. That is, they spend a lot of time thinking what they want their audience to know. Before one blog post is written, there are days of hard work. A lot of thinking happens and several drafts made. The process, as it may seem, is not as simple as just opening a word processor and randomly typing 500-1000 words so as to make it a blog post.

Fundamentals of Knowledge and Learning

The fundamentals of knowledge and learning apply to the world of Blogging as well. In order to write a blog post that goes viral, Bloggers only talk about what is not already spoken of. And, this comes with a vast amount of knowledge. Famous bloggers are the ones who are extremely well-read. It’s a reader’s delight to find out that they know almost everything about their niche. And yet, they don’t stop learning.


Writers or Bloggers, who specialize in their forte, are the most humble people you will ever come across.  Such people, as I understand, have dedicated themselves to changing the lives of their readers. They are on a lifelong mission to empower their followers.

“Women empowerment” is a subject that is very sensitive to me. The blog posts by me, on this topic, usually receive several comments. Women share their personal stories that are truly inspirational.

I recall one such story where a woman talks about the difficulties bestowed upon her by the destiny: the death of her husband, job loss and no financial support from the folks. And, what made her never quit and work as a freelance writer. Bravo!

Whenever I get such a story in my Inbox, I know I am on the right path. As a blogger, you need to figure out the topics that are sensitive to you and areas of the society towards which you can contribute. As soon as you realize this, success will start coming closer.

Women empowerment” is a subject that is very sensitive to me.

Note: Bloggers/ writers are the harbingers of change and transformation.

Final Words:

Lastly, I am not going to impose it on you to continue writing. If I don’t believe in giving up, you must not also do the same. By now, you have your answers. You found out already what (correct/ wrong) you have been managing all this while.

What you got to do now is take a deep breath and listen to the calling of your heart. Ahead of this point, either of the two things happens:

  • You quit Blogging/ Writing (It’s just not your style). Perfectly ok!
  • Soon, I get to read a blog post penned by you because it’s gone viral. Even better!

Good Luck fellas!

Image sources: entrepreneur, lifeomedia