Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

Digital marketing has reached new heights with the new age of social media marketing. Instagram tops them all.

No matter how small or large a business is, Instagram business is essential for everyone. Instagram has over a billion monthly users and 500 million daily active users. 

With the right marketing tactics, Instagram can generate the maximum leads and conversion rates. 

Many start-up businesses benefit from Instagram because of its easy access and mobile-friendly nature. It is the best advertising platform for the local and global markets.

If you surf through insta, you will find all the top brands on it. No matter the industry, Instagram has something for everyone. 

Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

Instagram has over a million current active users. Thus creating a huge user database. 

On average, a person spends at least one hour of the day on Instagram. Instagram is the second most used social media app in the world. 

Its daily updates and new features, especially for the brand business, make it an ideal choice for those 200 million business accounts. 

It has made it super easy to collaborate with similar top brands to create awareness of the start-up business. 

For instance, if you have launched some make-up products, it is better to collaborate with some makeup artist, who has a high number of followers.

This would help both B2B and B2C businesses.

However, creating brand awareness is not that simple!

It is crucial to have active participation. This means you have to regularly post either some Insta story, reel, or some post to engage your audience. 

As said, the number of daily users of Instagram is huge. The active users on Instagram follow at least one business page. 

Understanding the user’s intent of following that page can help in reaching out to a larger audience. 

Every caption, every hashtag, and every link on Instagram has a reason. 

People looking for a similar hashtag might accidentally land on your page. Further, if you have an engaging Insta feed, It might entice them to learn more about it. 

Adding links in the bio might also provoke them to check out your specialty. Posting an addictive reel and adding a link to the stories and reels, instills a sense of curiosity in them. 

Small businesses can benefit by using some creative marketing strategies. For instance, announcing some gifts to the first five customers or advertising some competition. 

  • Targeting People

Instagram helps social media websites to target their audience according to age, interest, behavior, and location.

To say, a college girl living in a hotter area might be more interested in buying some trending clothes rather than some home remedies for joint pains. 

Some users also land on the e-commerce website through the Google search engine but leave without buying anything. 

Instagram succors in bringing back the audience. 

It is crucial to understand the reason behind the withdrawal from the website. Setting up campaigns and meeting the user’s expectations would bring back the audience. 

Besides, one-third of Instagram users purchase products through Insta. 

Instagram further benefits small businesses with cold targeting. The cold target audience involves the ones who might have heard the name of the brand but are unaware of the details. 

In this case, collaboration is a great way to proceed.

  • Generating Leads

Whether a small business or a well-established one, every online business needs to post daily to engage the audience.

When a business page posts on Instagram, the users might stop scrolling, if that entices them. 

The user will possibly like or comment on the post and share their views. This is a major lead for small businesses to know their target audience. 

That is the perk of using Instagram!

The business owners can reply to that comment with @theusername, and the user will receive a direct notification. 

Alternatively, the owner can also message the target user directly. It would assist to perceive the possible customer’s interest. 

If you have a small-scale enterprise, it is crucial to build trust and preference over competitive brands. Thus, building relations with the audience will spread the good word in the social media world. 

  • Scheduled Ad Time

Top brands have leverage over posting time on social media. Their devoted users will still check the website for updates and discounts. 

For instance, Nike sets forth a sale and a horde will land on the website and Instagram pages. 

A few brands also announce a sale only through Insta purchases, consequently generating massive traffic.

The small scale enterprises need to track the active time of their target audience. This revolves around the lifestyle of the users.

A college student will probably be active during the evening, say about 6 pm to 9 pm. On the other hand, an at-home mother would most probably surf social media during the day from around 11 am to 1 pm. 

Now the question is how to know the active time of the users.

Well, this is pretty simple. Surf through the Insta insights and acquire the data for engagement of users. Acknowledge how different content is performing at different times of the day. 

  • Trend Setters

Small enterprises need to understand the trends on Instagram. Creating engaging content and keeping tabs on the trends will help them up the game.  Creating reel content and implementing trending music will expedite small businesses. 

TIP- Check out today’s top charts for music recommendations. If the users like the music choice, they might use it to make reels, and some might even land on the website. 

Further, using relevant hashtags and appropriate keywords- long and short– will put the web pages on the top searches. Additionally, using calmer and aesthetic themes for Insta feeds and stories has the potential to entice more users. 


Instagram has the potential to promote both small and large enterprises. With its low-cost and high effectiveness, it is the most popular choice of brand owners.  Instagram has a picture-centric nature and the ability to post high-quality pictures. This helps businesses to accentuate the top-quality features of their products.