Best SMM Hacks that Deliver 10x ROI

What is the first thing that you do right after you wake up?
Brush teeth?  NO!

Wear Slippers? No!

You, look out for your phone and quickly check your social media accounts for new likes, shares or friend’s activities.

Yes, that’s the power of social media that keeps you hooked to your phones.

Whether the business is new or established, everyone is in a race to amp up sales, leads and traffic by harnessing social media power. Social media is a bite of the cherry that helps businesses to connect with people directly and increase the traffic organically.

But, amidst so many platforms, you cannot attain success until you have a plan and a strategy. It involves huge tasks such as creating engaging content, compelling graphics, impressive campaigns, etc.  Above all, it requires your time.

Whether you are active on social media or have just begun, here are some pragmatic Social Media Marketing hacks which will help you optimize your marketing efforts.

Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or SMM, increases your brand power and helps you establish as a brand. You can directly connect with your niche audience and aim for a larger audience base. With increased traffic, more leads are generated thereby dramatically boosting your ROI.

But before that have a look at…

Some Surprising Statistics

As per Facebook, there are 2.41 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2019, and more than 150 million business users use the app daily. On average 2.1B users are there for Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook or Messenger every day. 150 million people are using Pinterest every month. Instagram is turning out to be the most loved social media network by gen-Z. Till now it is the second-largest social media platform in the online world.

Best SMM Hacks Ever

1.    Nail Down Your Goals

Intuitively, we all start with a goal or an objective in mind and most of the time it’s about “money”. Things don’t work this way.

You need to be specific on your goals and should follow a measurable strategy. The objectives set should not be unattainable as it may leave the person demoralized and frustrated. The goals should be relevant and proper milestones/ roadmap should be laid to achieve them.

It’s time to know who you are targeting.

2.    Know Your Audience

Knowing the interests, likes and dislikes of the audience is very necessary. It may happen that you were applauded for one of the post and for another one, it was a complete disaster. Learn to read the minds of people from their behaviors and reactions to your posts about what they like and what they follow.

Your strategy should be based entirely on the audience’s desires, needs and requirements. You can do it by getting an eye over the metrics such as demographic location, number of shares, likes, etc.

The audience needs businesses that care and not just make fake promises, gimmicks and promulgations. To bind your interest in the audience you don’t need paid promotions but organic followers who show genuine interest in your business.

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3.    Social Influencers

In simple words, Social Influencers are celebrities of social media and serve as your brand ambassadors in social media. These are people who have a huge following and whom people trust blindly. Striking a deal with these influencers will help you gain worthy traffic to your website which is sure to convert. These influencers post your business related stuff on their pages in a very subtle way that adds to brand popularity and recognition.

You can directly approach influencers of your choice or connect with a local company to find best-suited influencers for your campaign.

4.    Competitor Analysis

Don’t ever ignore this step. To survive in the online world, you need to out past your competitors in every possible way. Conduct an extensive research on what strategies are being used by your competitors because you need to devise strategies better than theirs. It is better to invest on 2-3 platforms rather than spending huge bucks over all the social media platforms.

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5.    Run Contests

Everyone loves to play contests especially when they are rewarding. While strategizing any contest make sure that you provide a deadline and include a point for maximum shares, likes or views. You can offer discount coupons, gift hampers, gift coupons or anything that entices the audience.

6.    Curate and Deliver Content Consistently

Carefully curate the content for social media. Avoid just text-based posts. No one has enough time to stop and read the post. The best way is to create a graphic or to be more precise it can be an infographic or short video. Whatever you create should be connecting and engaging.

There are many tools and websites available such as Picmonkey and Canva that will help you to design mind-blowing graphics. After content curation, it’s time to…

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7.    Connect With the Audience

Posting content will not drive quality traffic neither it is going to generate any leads. The essence is to connect with your audience. The process is really simple. You can interact and solve customer’s queries, answer their comments, take their feedback in a positive spirit, reply to their queries on messenger etc. Try to reduce the response time. Add your contact number, website address and email address so that people can directly contact you. Tag your followers when you launch/post something of their choice. Use hashtags to become more discoverable.

 After implementing the metrics, you need to gauge them.

8.    Analyze and Learn from Mistakes

It’s very crucial to analyze the results from the implemented strategies. You don’t need any additional software. Just a deep analysis of social media features is what is required.

 The amount of engagement can be measured by analyzing the likes, shares, views, retweets and comments. Have a closer look at the posts which receive the maximum response and start analyzing the pattern.

 If the platform is gaining followers, it means your strategy is working else you need to rework. The number of clicks determines whether the sales needle has started moving or not.

Winding Up

SMM is not an overnight activity but may change the entire picture once it starts gaining momentum. Social Media has the ultimate potential to drive 10x ROI that you need to leverage using the above mentioned SMM hacks.