Blog Business: Use Facebook Merge Pages Option to Become a Famous Blogger

Talk about Blog business and the experts will tell you that a serious bunch of readers to your Blog come from LinkedIn or Twitter. This is true, especially, if a genre of your writing is technical. Even then, I am going to ask you to never refrain from creating your Facebook fan page and maintaining it so as to increase the audience engagement. It is simply because Facebook is undeniably the most popular social media platform. Therefore, you never know it may provide you with potential subscribers to your Blog business.

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You don’t want to miss anything that is offered on your plate in the world of Blogging.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you everything related to the optimal utilization of Facebook for becoming a famous blogger.

Facebook Fan Page Setup

Open the create page link from your profile and select the type of business you own:

grow blog business


For example, you have to select “Brand or Product” if you are looking at creating a fan page for your Blog. Enter the name of your Blog and click “Get started” button.

blog business

Following this, add the details of your Blog and choose an avatar for your page. Upload the profile pic and cover image.

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Give your Facebook Page a rich and an elegant look-and-feel. You must include a proper description about your page as it plays the role of a meta description.

For example, the snapshot given below highlights the details that were added to my page:

blog business

Include the services you aim at providing to your clients. Click the “Services” tab and then add a service:

blog business

Following the set-up, you may start inviting your friends to like your page. This is easy! On the home screen of your page, click “Invite friends to like this page” and on the following screen, you can start typing the names of your friends whom you wish to send the invite.

blog business

Use Facebook Merge Pages Option to Grow your Blog Business

After you’re done with the initial setup of your page, the next step is to make use of “Merge Pages” option to grow your list of fans in less than 5 minutes.

For this, you must, however, own one or more Facebook pages that are no longer needed by you. It could be that you created these pages to engage the audience for some other businesses or blogs.

To model, before launching the Blogging Hacks, I worked as a freelance blogger for a number of career blogs. In order to share my articles that were published on such blogs, I created a Facebook page “Career Addict”. This page had 463 likes. After launching the blogging hacks, I had practically stopped sharing anything on my “Career Addict” page. But, I didn’t want to lose my fans on this page at any cost. At the same time, I wanted the number of likes on the Blogging Hacks to grow exponentially. That is where the functionality of this amazing feature came into play.

You can do the similar thing if you’re an admin of any pages that cater to the same industry but are of no use any longer.

Click Settings, and scroll down to the bottom of your page. Click on the second last option that says “Merge Pages”.

blog business

When you click the Edit button, a dialogue box opens. Click “Merge duplicate pages” and save changes as given below:

blog business

Next, you are directed to a screen where you’ll have to enter a password to your Facebook account. After entering your password, click the continue button. The next screen gives you the option to choose two pages you want to merge.

blog business

Next, you have to select a page that should have merged likes from both the pages.


Here, you need to select the page you want to retain. You’ll lose the other page.

blog business

Click the ‘keep page’ option and a confirmation screen appears. Click Request Merge. And, you are almost through. The Facebook will carry a verification process and merge the pages as requested by you.

There are dual benefits of using this feature. Not only you get more likes on your new page, but also you continue your interaction with the old fans. Therefore, this feature can help you a great deal when it comes to boosting your Blog traffic.

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