Blogging Hacks for Choosing the Best Genre for your Blog

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As a potential blogger, the easiest thing anyone can do is to enter the Blogosphere. However, the most difficult one is choosing the niche of your blog. This is where the blogging hacks come into play.

Most people feel that writing is the toughest task. Certainly yes! But the bloggers, on the other hand, will agree with me that deciding what to write about is even tougher. Writing comes naturally to you once there is a clarity of what to write about. This decision, however, is made carefully and in a very intelligent manner. As a matter of the fact, all the bloggers who are successful today are the ones who think rationally. Your decision about the genre has to be wise, practical and true to your potential.

Blogging Tips

Following is the lowdown of the blogging hacks that should influence your biggest decision about Blogging:

*Demand and Supply*

The basic principle of Economics that is the law of demand and supply applies to the world of Blogging as well. Travel blogs are quite popular amongst the readers of all types. There is a lot of demand for travel pieces. Thus, the most successful bloggers have taken to Travel Blogging.

Should travel blogging be your choice as well? Let’s find out an answer.

There are numerous travel blogs existing on the search engines already. The demand for travel write-ups is being fulfilled by pros in this field. The catch here is that there is enough supply to the demand already. Instead, take a leap forward only if your answers to the following questions are in affirmation:

*Can you outperform the blogs that have a huge flow of traffic?

**Do you want to distinguish yourself as a blogger? (I’m sure you don’t want to get lost in the crowd)

***Do you wish to blog merely as a hobby or with an intention to make money online?

Now, what is the right move if the answers are “NO”?

Find your other areas of interest. In addition to this, try and list the genres of Blogging that are in huge demand but are not common. This is done by analyzing the job boards, forums, community boards and niche areas of top bloggers. I have compiled a list of genres that is mostly read by the Internet users:

  • Parenting
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Career
  • Tutorials/ How-To

*On the basis of payment*

If you’re blogging out of passion and if there are no monetary objectives, you might skip reading this. However, if you want to take Blogging as a full-time job or to add to your monthly income, it is wise to start writing in the genres that pay you well.

Do you believe in working really hard and earning a penny? At least, I don’t.

The niche areas that require some expertise and are in huge demand are the ones paid the most. In case you plan to write-up for the following categories, you can certainly expect highest rates in the industry:

  • Tutorials
  • How-To Technology/ IT
  • Parenting and Motherhood

*Your expertise and level of knowledge*

Having said that the ideal basis for the choice of a genre is the popularity and payment basis, there is no substitute for an area in which you have maximum knowledge. Your inclination to blog in a particular niche is driven by knowledge and the level of your expertise. To model, there is no point getting fascinated towards travel blogs if you have not traveled enough. Likewise, the parenting blogs are the best works of bloggers who themselves are parents. It is, here, that the rationality of your choice comes into play. Evaluate your decision to blog on a particular genre against your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, you must not make this decision in haste. Whatever happens, this decision of yours is going to have a deep impact on your Blogging career.

*Geographical areas/ Targeted people*

Another crucial factor with regards to Blogging is the type of people and areas you aim to target. To model, if your Blog is for people of the age group 20-30, they will not be much interested in health and nutrition articles. Their inclination, instead, will be more towards lifestyle and fashion blogs. Likewise, people of highly developed nations are keener on staying up-to-date on technological trends. Therefore, base your writing on the interests of people whom you are targeting.

Last word: The success in the Blogosphere doesn’t only depend on how you write, but also what you write about.

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