How has Blogging Helped me Become a Better Person?

I have been blogging for more than 6 years now. But, it was only last year that I ventured into blogging full-time by starting my own blog “The Blogging Hacks”. As it would be the case with any popular blog, my blog, too, has a list of faithful readers. I get e-mails from readers waiting for my next post to go live. It is, indeed, the magic and power of Blogging in my life.

How has Blogging Helped me Become a Better Person?

The Blogging has affected me to an extent that I see its influence in almost everything I do in my daily life.  Even though it is not possible to list everything down here, I have made a very sincere effort in highlighting the changes Blogging has bought in my life and how it has helped me become a better person:

Made me a Writer

Soon after launching my blog, I wrote one blog post titled “Bloggers are not born, they are made” not knowing it would become a story of my life. Besides the financial independence and limelight my Blog has given me, there is much more to the story of my becoming a blogger.

Having started the blog from a scratch, I have nurtured it just the way a mother raises her baby. I have waited each day for it grow and whenever a milestone was reached, I wanted to scream but I didn’t. Because with every achievement came a bundle of responsibilities. My blog has, indeed, brought the best out of me because it makes me do what I am most passionate about. It makes me write and it makes me talk to my readers.

I am Close to Being a Minimalist

Surprising as it may be but my work has made me closer to becoming a minimalist. Why? Because a reality has dawned on me that the only thing that fascinates me beyond words is ‘Travel’. Those who know me would agree that travel and writing are my only passion in life.  My blog encourages me, almost every day, to do what I am most passionate about and to stop doing what is not important or holds the least significance in my life. Thus, I’ve stopped being a spendthrift. I spend only on the things I really want to and save the rest to spend it on my travel goals.

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Stronger Bonds and Lifelong Relationships

My writings, most of the times, connect me to my inner-self, to the deepest of my feelings and my thoughts. I try to keep my words simple but a majority of them come straight from my heart. It is when you’re connected to your inner-self; you realize the importance of some people in your life. You get an awakening of what has been missing majorly and what wrong you’ve been doing all this while. You start valuing your words and your relationships a lot more than before. Probably, you need to have experienced the power of writing at least once in your life to feel what I’m saying.

Reinstated my Belief in Hard Work

Even as a post-graduate in Computer Science, I had a real tough time finding my dream job. Because there were hardly any career options in IT/ Computer Science to be explored in my small town; I had to settle myself into the job of a tutor. Not completely satisfied with the job, I worked extremely hard to explore other options. There were hardly any results for a long time and it was not until I started blogging; I got an opportunity to realize the value of hard work. Every time a blog post was written with utmost sincerity and dedication; the results poured in varied forms. More work, the gratitude of readers and their genuine feedback-everything has been special in its own way and has motivated me to work even harder. It makes me challenge myself every single day so as to make my writings dynamic and diversified in nature.

Blogging Has Become a Way of My Life

My blog is my inspiration. It has made writing the inseparable part of my life. I have diversified myself into different roles (social media marketer and digital marketer) but my passion still remains the writing.  I long to get into my writer’s groove because it helps me give a voice to my opinions, feelings and lot more. Even more, it has added a purpose to my life. As the punch line of my blog says “Leading change and driving transformation”, I strive hard to bring forth a change in the mindset of my readers through my work.

 Final Words:

As I finish writing this post, I look back to realize how far I have come in my life. If it was not for my blog, my life would have been completely different. If my words have the power to move you, the only thing I am going to ask each one of you is to follow your passion. Believe me, your life will be complete and there will be no looking back.