BLOGGING Is Crucial To Your Business! Learn Why.

Is it that you are having an amazing looking website for your business with a rich user interface, optimized mobile views and speed?

You are, however, still struggling to convert traffic into leads. Correct?

What is the obvious solution that comes to your mind?

To start rolling out video content because someone just told you Vlogging is what is trending and that the traditional blogging era is almost over.

Rather believing in anything simply because others are telling you to, it’s better to gather some facts and then make your decisions accordingly.

As per the latest Content Marketing survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute 2019, blogging is the most preferred content marketing strategy used by B2B marketers for generating awareness and interest amongst the buyers.

Blogging is the ultimate solution in case you wish to make your business stand out from the crowd and sync with the next generation.

Blogging for businesses improves brand visibility, boosts brand value and sustainability in today’s competitive world. This in turns promotes better leads, higher ROI and increased customer retention.

In case you didn’t know, small businesses that blog on a regular basis, receive approximately 126% more leads than the businesses that do not blog at all.

Are you wondering what exactly are business blogs?

Business blogs aim at generating awareness about the product and services offered by businesses.

Blogs are the most reliable sources of education, entertainment, information and they are also an essential tool maneuvering marketing strategy and business goals.

They help businesses explore and address the concerns and issues of their audience. Even more, they are a powerful medium of showcasing capabilities to prospective clients and therefore, act as portfolios. Thus, they need to be really IMPRESSIVE!

Thinking about the audience of business blogs?

Neither the employees nor the family members or relatives. The real audience is both the existing customers as well as the netizens (general e-surfers).

The magnetic pull of blogs is strong enough to ensure the existing customers stay loyal to a brand or business and convert a normal visitor into a loyal customer at all the possible times.

Let’s have a look at some interesting statistics.

  •         As per Tech Client, having a business blog increases the chances of a business getting ranked on top results of search engines by 434%.
  •         The businesses using blogs as a part of their content marketing strategy get 97% more inbound links than the ones who don’t use blogs.  

Blogging is crucial to your business (Infographic)

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Still Confused? Here are some more reasons emphasizing the need for a business blog in today’s time:

1.   Drives Traffic to Website

Blogs are the only platform that gives businesses an opportunity to link and communicate with potential clients all across the world. By creating relevant posts as per the user needs, businesses can drive significant traffic to their websites.

For example, Colgate is doing such a commendable job by offering a detailed analysis of oral problems and giving solutions to the public through their blog (oral care center).  

By sharing blogs on social media timelines with suitable images and catchy headings, businesses give followers a valid reason to come back to their websites.

2. Boost SEO

Freshly brewed content is loved by Google and is a prime weapon to oust competitor in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Blogging regularly about the industry, latest innovations, products, lifestyle and business increases the traffic organically to a website. The choice of topics and the keywords determine the searchability index for the webpages.

3.   Add Brand Value to a Business

Original and well-informed blogs are a perfect way to demonstrate business as a leading one. The topics chosen must reflect current market trends and business’s know-how about products and services. 

Apart from adding value to a business, blogs give a multitude of reasons to loyal customers to stay connected with a brand. A business blog imparts that a business is well-versed in its domain and can be trusted.

4.   Better Customer Relationships

Buying a product which has a very good digital brand value automatically infuses the feeling of satisfaction in the customer. The customers love to be informed and taught regarding something new which is trending in the industry. They feel connected when they get prompt answers to their queries in a comment section or via e-mails.

Final Words

A blog is the face (profile) of a business/ brand and helps in skipping those awkward introductions. In fact, blogs play a substantial role in closing deals. The clients don’t only get to know about a business but also about its working style through blogs.

When are you starting your business blog?

In case you need any help in starting or maintaining your company’s blog, kindly don’t hesitate in reaching out to me. I make it possible for businesses small and big to accomplish their blogging goals with utmost ease and perfection.