Different Roles You May Take Up While Blogging to Make Extra Money Online

This holiday season, I am going to tell you something amazing. The cool things I am going to tell you will help you make extra money online. Is it that you’re thinking I am going to talk about regular stuff like online surveys, affiliate marketing, and more such things? Well, you’re completely wrong! We at the Blogging Hacks talk about only those things that are tried, tested, and verified by us.

Moving ahead, are you a serious Blogger? If yes, then the foremost thing you need to know is that when you take up to Blogging seriously, you’re not just a Blogger anymore! This is significant, especially, if Blogging for you is no longer a part-time activity. As a blogger, there are different roles and responsibilities you are expected to take up. The tasks you perform besides writing can easily help you make extra money online. Let’s find out how?

  1. WordPress Expert

If you own a Blog, you must have already had a lot of experience with WordPress. Further, almost every freelancing job demands WordPress skills. Most of your clients want you to add and publish new posts in the WordPress editor. Having said that, I assume most of you are already skilled at using the same. Mastering the WordPress is all about doing things by your own self and learning at the same time. And, you progress every time you repeat the tasks. Now, how to make money online using your WordPress skills? It’s easy! Consider offering the following services to your clients as a WordPress expert:

  • Starting a Blog and the initial set-up
  • Blog management
  • WordPress Virtual Assistant

These options are the easiest way of making some extra bucks. Sadly, there will be no output if you’re not a pro at approaching the clients in a right manner.

How to approach the clients in a right manner?

Step 1: Firstly, you must own a blog that looks quite professional and elegant. Remember, there is no substitute for this. It is required in order to demonstrate your competency and desired skills.

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Step 2: Update your skills on different social media profiles and LinkedIn. Along with this, you need to highlight the services that are offered by you. For example,

  • Content writing,
  • Article writing,
  • Blog set-up, and
  • Blog Management

Given below is a snapshot of my Facebook page “The Blogging Hacks”. It clearly highlights the services that are offered by me:

make extra money online

Step 3: Your need to let your clients know that you’re available. For this, you need to send quick replies to any queries that may be generated in your Blogging Business. Even more, you need to showcase your experience in the given field of work by sending your potential clients links to your previous work, etc.

  1. Blogging Coach

Another popular method is to act as a Blogging coach and impart learning to others. You may conduct different workshops on:

These workshops may be conducted via different platforms and are certainly in huge demand. In order to tap the potential of a local market, you may also start conducting one-to-one sessions, especially, for those who are not IT friendly but inspire to be bloggers or writers in the online world. Besides generating more money, these workshops help a great deal even in your Blogging career. How?

When you play your role as a Blogging coach, there are different ways in which you benefit as given below:

  • There is a dramatic increase in your credibility as a Blogger.
  • Your readers start looking up to you and they also start dreaming of making it big in the Blogging world.
  • You get a whole bunch of new readers to your Blog. A few of them, even, subscribe, to your blog.
  • There is an increase in Adsense revenue.
  1. Social Media Pro

As a blogger, do you have a great online presence? Does a stream of comments follow each time you publish a new post? Amazing! Did you do it all by yourself? If you didn’t outsource the social media marketing services to anyone, why not make use your skills to generate some extra business?

Well, here’s a great tip-off. You need to do the following things and I promise it’ll work:

  • Tell them you’re going to help them build a strong online presence by implementing various techniques and strategies that you used for your own Blog.
  • Let them know you have a huge fan following. You possess the complete know-how and you alone did it for yourself.
  • Start off by charging modestly and giving your customers realistic and practical goals.

Initially, you can easily grab a few projects that are on a small budget using this strategy. It’s a win-win situation both for you and your client. The project owners (clients) will benefit by getting their work done at cheaper rates while your monthly income gets easily supplemented.

By starting with some small-scale projects in the given areas, you may, one day, even decide to make a full-time career out of these. Nevertheless, it will require honing your skills. You may even start considering to get enrolled in some reputed courses. Further, different certifications will add feathers to your cap and help you in winning large-scale industry projects.

Final words: It’s all about selling yourself in this industry. If you nail the art of selling yourself, there’s nothing that can stop you from making loads of money online.

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