Blogging Skills: 3 Business Models You May Adopt

Even though the term “Blogging” has become a cliché, yet there are many who don’t understand what blogging is all about.

Is it only spurring ideas? What exactly Blogging is to them?

It’s just a form of creative writing or simply a means of sharing information/ personal lives with readers.

This is quite relevant in the context of Blogging. However, what remains missing is its financial prospects.

Those who are a part of Blogosphere would know that initially blogging took off as a platform to write one’s journal about a day. That is, it served as an online diary keeping platform.

Soon, entrepreneurs found out that Blogging could also be used for carrying out extensive marketing in the digital world. Ever since then Blogging has gone viral.

Moving ahead, do you possess Blogging skills?

Let me make it simple…

Are you passionate about writing or making people aware of unknown or little-known things?

Besides writing, are you also looking at some money making opportunities?


If yes, why have you not till now thought about exploring the world of Blogging?

For anyone who possesses Blogging skills, there are three business models that can be deployed to make money:

  1. Launching Your Own Blog

In this model, you create and launch your own blog with an objective of monetising it. There are different ways you can generate money out of your blog:

  • By making it a micro-niche site
  • Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Through Google Adsense

This business model is, however, the toughest one to be implemented. It requires a lot of technical expertise and writing experience. While you may outsource one or more sections of work, it is desirable that you possess some experience of working with Blogs.

When is it right for you to launch your Blog?

Consider starting your own Blog only if you meet any of the conditions given below:

  • You have worked as a freelance blogger for a reputed blog/ company in the past and understand the basics of WordPress
  • You are a tech person and have a passion for words
  • If you’re an entrepreneur and are looking at making huge investments in a digital world. You can, then, recruit a team of designers, developers, writers, and SEO experts. This is like launching your blog with a bang with plans of exponential growth.

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*Blogging Hack*

While it takes a lot of patience and determination to strive in Blogosphere, the results are rewarding. Start-off only if you’re are diligent and if there is a determination to make in big in the world of Blogging.

  1. Working as a Freelance Blogger/ Writer

I worked as a freelance blogger for a couple of years before launching the Blogging Hacks. To tell you the truth, I learned the basics of Blogging while doing my stints as a content writer and freelance blogger.

There were a number of times when I was overwhelmed by a thought of starting my own blog. Nevertheless, I wanted to be there in the right place at the right time. Therefore, I thought of mastering both technical and writing skills before giving it a final shot.

And, it has not disappointed me so far. Even more, I made handsome money doing freelance writing gigs.

Start working as a freelance blogger to earn money and experience if you’re serious about Blogging. At this time when almost every business wants to tap the digital market, there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector.

There are certain things you would need before starting your maiden journey as a freelance blogger:

  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio or Writing Samples in Your Writing Niche
  • Resume

*Blogging Hack*

Always set a bare minimum rate for your work from the day one. You’ll find many employers who would want to exploit your talent and hard work

  1. Marketing

Do you already own a business?

It can be a famous brand or even a small home based business. Even, it can be that you’re a professional offering some services.

Use blog as a platform for promoting your business and to get more clients. This happens because blogging helps in significantly increasing audience engagement. You start building a rapport with your potential clients and they want to come back to your for products/ services.

You may even outsource your blogging work in case you feel there is a paucity of time.

*Blogging Hack*

You can use your Blogging skills not only to market your own product/ service but others also. The moment you start mastering tricks of the Blogging game, it will be easier for you to generate more money making opportunities.