Blogging Workshops: Spreading Awareness and Knowledge

We are living in a technology-driven world today, a world which is surrounded by gadgets. For e.g. Mobile phones, laptops, remote controls of possibly all things. We also have many bloggers, whom we keep interacting with on a regular basis.   All thanks to technology, that makes it possible for bloggers to give voice to their thoughts and feelings from anywhere in the world. While some like doing it from the comfort of their homes/ offices, there are others who love blogging while they are on move.

Blogging, very much like traditional writing, is a transformational and life-changing experience. And it is something for everyone- students, professionals, business owners and stay-at-home moms/ wives. Blogging is, however, rewarding only if done properly and in a committed manner. What is important is to understand is that by gaining followers on social media platforms, you might become an influencer but not necessarily a blogger. To demystify many such common myths and to spread awareness and share my knowledge (and to make some additional bucks!), I have come up with a plan of conducting workshops catering to people of different age groups.

My workshops are aimed at helping people of diverse age groups master the skill of Blogging. They are structured differently for different audiences. Different sets of people who can benefit from my workshops are as follows:

A. Students: Blogging helps students by enriching their creativity and writing skills. In today’s time, when there are numerous examples of people quitting their full-time jobs to pursue a career in Blogging, the blogs can be highly resourceful in building an impressive online portfolio.

B. Professionals and Business Owners: Both the clients as well as consumers find value in reading business/ company blogs and they even drive huge traffic to websites, thereby generating more leads and sales for businesses.

C. Stay-at-home Moms/ Wives: As the name suggests, these females choose to stay at home and look after their families. But, staying at home does not and must not imply that there are no ways of earning money and gaining financial independence for them or they have to put a full stop to their career goals and ambitions. Blogging is an excellent method of making money right from the comfort of your couch and is, in fact, a very rewarding career option.

Workshop on Blogging by Sania Gupta

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My Personal Experience of Conducting Blogging Workshops

A few workshops I have conducted in the recent past have got an amazing response and are, therefore, a testimony to the fact that Blogging is trending. People are realizing that it’s a skill that must be possessed by today’s as well as tomorrow’s workforce. Workshops make things a lot easier and convenient for the audience interested in learning a new skill despite the fact that the courses/ modules being taught in the workshop are readily available online. It goes without saying that it is the expertise and knowledge of an instructor that counts and makes all the difference. Yet another important point worth considering is that Blogging is a skill that can help pro Bloggers generate money via different models of revenue generation.  Conducting workshops and helping others learn the skill of Blogging is one such very effective and powerful method of not only making money but also building your audience.

Therefore, the idea is to continue conducting these workshops from time to time to build my audience, spread knowledge, make some additional money and stay competitive!

In case you’re thinking of organizing a Blogging workshop for students, corporates or professionals in your institutions or organizations and are looking at finding an expert in the field, you must not hesitate in contacting me to understand my work better and have a look at my portfolio. You may simply drop a message at or call me @ 9814820845.