5 Ridiculously Simple Techniques that I Used to Boost Blog Traffic

Anyone who starts his own blog knows that initially there is no great number of readers. Managing to get readers in thousands is a dream to accomplish in Blogosphere. This blog post talks about techniques that helped me boost Blog traffic from 200 readers in the 1st month of its launch to 5000 readers in its 4th month. A lot of exposure is required if you are keen on increasing your blog traffic. Furthermore, taking it to a next level requires a great deal of patience and determination.

While everyone out there must have told you the significance of high-quality content, I am not going to oppose the fact. However, producing rich and unique content alone is never sufficient. There is a lot more to be done. The digital marketing connoisseurs talk about On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for getting a target number of readers to your Blog. As their services prove to be really expensive, one can easily take care of these things on its own.

Simple Techniques to Boost Blog Traffic

Firstly, it’s important to be realistic. It’s just another marketing gimmick if any Blogger tells you that they received a million readers in the first few months of launching their blog. Going by the fact, any newly launched blog takes a lot of time to build its readership.

Having said that it takes a time to build your blog, you need to be careful when drafting your traffic goals and strategies. Additionally, all your practices must focus towards building a credible and a popular blog.

When you create a unique and good quality content, you give your readers a reason to stay on your Blog and not bounce back. What you, however, need to determine is how to bring such readers to your Blog in the first place?

Let’s just get started….

Here’s a lowdown of extremely simple and effective techniques I used to increase my Blog Traffic:

1. On-page SEO

Making use of a popular WordPress plugin “Yoast SEO” automatically fixes a lot of things for Google to successfully crawl your weblog. Additionally, set your Blog title by making use of proper keywords. Implementation of proper meta keywords, meta description along with optimized images is crucial when we talk about On-page SEO. A small amount of research can help you accomplish this task successfully.

2. Quora

This question-and-answer platform has worked wonders for me in directing serious readers to my posts. How do I use this site to divert traffic to my Blog? It’s fairly simple and easy. Just that most of us don’t get the catch.

Foremost, mention the link to your Blog in your profile description. Next, find questions relevant to your Blog posts and start answering those questions by including the relevant content from your posts.

***How do I go about answering the questions?

Generally, half the blog post is copy-pasted by me in the answer section. Following that, there is a source link mentioned for users to read the whole post so as to direct them to my blog.

Given below is a snapshot of my profile on Quora:

Increase Blog Traffic

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It is a smart online marketing community that can help you take your Blog to places you never imagined before. All it takes is creating a profile and sharing your articles. You just need to post a link to your article in “I want to share something” tab and it’s done. By selecting the categories relevant to your post, views of readers who are genuinely interested in your work are generated.

The snapshot given below highlights how to add an article to this community:

blog traffic improvement

4. LinkedIn

As soon as a new post is published on my blog, it gets automatically shared on my LinkedIn wall. However, LinkedIn as a platform offers a lot more scope. It provides numerous possibilities of showcasing your work in an environment that is highly professional. A list of must-dos on this platform is as given below:

***Creating a LinkedIn group with a name of your own blog.

***Scanning the groups relevant to the genre of your Blog that has maximum members. You get amazingly good results by joining such groups and sharing your Blog updates within them. For instance, the groups (related to my genre of writing) in which I share my blog posts are as follows:

  • Blogging for Coaches
  • Freelance Web Writers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Indian Freelance Writers
  • Content Writing Jobs

*** It’s a good practice to connect with leading individuals in your industry so that your work gets exposed to a high-level audience. By doing so, you open yourself the doors to the world of some exceptionally great professional opportunities.

The snapshot given depicts the LinkedIngroups I use for actively sharing the updates of my Blog:

Increase Blog traffic

5. Facebook

Your Facebook page plays an important role in making your folks remember about your Blog. Even if most of your contacts are not interested in the genre of your writing, it is vital that you keep sharing updates on your timeline. This exposes your writings to a new set of readers who may be willing to follow your Blog. Furthermore, as your Blog page starts getting more number of likes you start gaining trustworthiness and recognition of your readers. By the same token, joining relevant groups, pages and staying active in these is useful.

This is how the growing Facebook page of the Blogging hacks looks like:

Facebook Blog Traffic

Final words: It’s all about creating unique, high-quality and original blog posts and sharing them across meaningful communities and groups so as to make money out of your Blog.

Image source: startupist