Cheat Sheet for Writing Travel Blog Posts that Go Viral

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Are you a travel enthusiast? And, do you love to blog travel pieces? Perfect!

Travel Blogs is one genre of blogging that is always in huge demand. However, there remains a worry that your blog posts don’t succeed in captivating the audience?Even more, there is a huge bouncing rate on your website? Additionally, there are not many page views, fewer comments, and not enough social media shares.
Is there a solution to your worries? Certainly, yes!
Remember, we bloggers don’t give up so easily. Either we don’t blog or we don’t give up!
The incredible blog post is not a day’s work. Rather, it’s a long process of learning and mastering the trades of blogging.

Blog Tips

With this blog post, I aim at assisting you in writing amazing travel blog posts. Therefore, given below is a list of some cool travel blogging hacks for you to follow:

1. What is the Topic of your Blog Post?

Before you start writing, you must have clarity of the topics that are in demand. Following are the examples of good topics and bad topics:

Bad Topics:

• Trip to Australia
• Holiday in London

Good Topics:

• Things you must know before visiting Australia
• 10 Things you can’t miss in London
No one’s really interested in reading the story of your holiday unless it offers them something. For this reason, put yourself in your readers’ shoes. In fact, try answering the following questions:
• Will readers gain anything by reading your blog?
• What can be the expectations of the readers?
• Why they read a travel blog?
travel blog

Try finding out the answers to these questions by reading blog posts that are in your niche. Furthermore, analyze their popularity. Find out what works out in the market.

2. Attention-Grabbing Headlines Full of Curiosity

You need to engross your readers by writing a catchy headline. Write your headline in such a manner that there is an element of surprise, curiosity, and adventure. If your headline is boring, the readers might just skip reading the article. The whole idea of writing a blog post gets defeated if a headline fails to grab the attention of readers. Draft your own formula of writing the headlines, analyze their results and stick to the best policy.
“How Can I Travel and Make Money like You, Kate?” is the example of a well-written and attention-grabbing headline of the one of the most popular posts on a famous solo female travel blog (www.
You can also analyze the effectiveness of your headline by making use of the following resource:

3. Your Tone of Writing

Understanding your readers is the key to success in the world of Blogging. If you fail to connect to your readers, they won’t come back to your blog. Instead, the key is to incorporate the desires and problems of your readers into your blog post. Share your personal story and offer them real life experiences. Write in a conversational tone. Furthermore, trigger the emotions of your readers so that there is an emotional connect between you and them. Give them reasons to come back to your blog.
There are travel blogs dedicated to solo female travelers. The marketing trick is to establish an emotional connect to all female readers. Similarly, there are travel blogs that focus on giving the travel tips to help readers save their money. Instead, the key is to incorporate the desires and problems of your readers into your blog post. Share your personal story and offer them real life experiences.

If you offer everything, written above, on the palette of your readers; there is no reason as to why they will not come back for more.
Wish you more holidays and super wow write-ups!

Image sources:, Mediabistro

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