Most Comprehensive Guide on Choosing a Blog’s Layout

Choosing a Blog’s layout is a daunting task. It requires attention and skills.

When starting a Blog, most of us fail miserably in choosing its theme and design correctly.

Even if we deliver amazing and unique content to our readers, we’ll be hitting a home run if we fail in implementing the right layout.

The manner in which our Blog is presented and designed is more important than we ever thought it to be.

Look at any high-authority website/ blog and the first thing you’ll notice is its elegant yet simple design.

At the same time, there are blogs that give a dull and monotonous look. Such blogs have the highest bounce rates.

Moving ahead, everyone has a reason to start a Blog these days.

It could be a business model for one and a marketing platform for another. The objectives may vary greatly yet there remains a common goal that is to drive maximum traffic and engage more and more audience.

Besides content, it is blog’s layout that plays an important role in determining the number of users that get driven to your weblog/ website.

How to Choose Your Blog’s Layout?

It, primarily, depends on your business model:

  1. Are you planning to build a micro-blogging platform or monetize a content rich platform?

It is when you start a blog with an objective of making money online through Adsense and affiliate marketing.

2. Is your Blog a means of carrying out social interaction on a large scale with your readers or fans?

This is particularly the case with authors, influencers or public figures.

3. Are you visualizing your Blog as a part of different marketing activities that you carry for your Business?

This is relevant in the case of established brands or even for small to medium scale businesses.

And then there is another scenario…..

You’re a newbie in the Blogosphere. And the only reason you’re blogging is because you want to pursue it as your hobby. There are no intentions, whatsoever, at making any financial gains out of it.

In this case, there are no rules or preferred layouts for starting a blog.

Coming back to business models, it is not surprising to see every business starting its own blog these days.  Notably, a blog has become a vital component of digital marketing.

Moving ahead, what is the right approach in choosing a Blog’s layout when you’re in an elementary phase of starting a blog?

Starting a self-hosted blog doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and there are a number of WordPress themes available to make the designing easier. The daunting task, however, is to choose a correct theme, so as to give your blog a perfect look-and-feel.

Blog’s Layout for Business Model A:

You need a very professional and elegant looking blog if you plan to start a content rich platform.

Ideally, you should choose a theme that presents a magazine or newsletter layout. Such a theme highlights your content in an appropriate manner so as to leave sufficient white space for putting ads or affiliate links.

Also, there should be a sufficient space available for adding videos/ images.

*The Blogging Hack*

Your Blog should be a visual treat for your readers’ eyes.

A snapshot given below demonstrates how a career niche blog “My Study Destination” looks like:

choosing a blog's layout

Blog’s Layout for Business Model B:

When you want to carry out social interaction, a less formal layout comes handy.

The important points to watch out are:

  • A simple layout
  • Soothing color scheme
  • Your best pictures

This is how the blog of Lauren Conrad looks like:

Blog's layout

Blog’s Layout for Business Model C:

When you’re starting a blog as a part of your business activity, it’s layout has to be very simple. Remember, you must choose a theme that allows you to add a lot of media to your Blog.

*The Blogging Hack*

Your customers would be more interested in looking at pictures or even watching videos rather than reading textual information.

Given below is the snapshot from an official blog of Google Adsense:

blog's layout


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