Coffee with “HUMhain guy” Milind Kwatra

As I rushed myself into the hall where there was a Global Women Network meeting (GWN) going on, I heard an outburst of laughter. Conscious of the fact I was quite late, I tried to quickly settle myself and focus on what was going inside there. 3 people on the panel that day- it was an interaction vis-à-vis with 2 famous entrepreneurs of the city.

The audience was super engaged, excited and thrilled to ask questions one after another. There were constant smiles and almost every dialogue terminated into convulsions of laughter.

One man had stolen the show. The young, dynamic, loquacious, calm and confident Milind Kwatra, the founder of a unique startup  Delstep Pvt Ltd (HUMhain).

HUMhain caters to the pick-up and delivery needs of its clients from food to medicines and a lot more. The venture that was originally started in Ludhiana in the year 2015, after its success, is slowly moving to the other cities of Punjab.

As I learned more things about him, the writer inside me got more curious. And, it was decided the next story has to be about him.

You need to listen to this 22-year-old guy (married already!) to know that he has a great deal of wisdom to be shared with others. It’s hard to decide if it comes from the immense struggle that was involved in making his business a success or from his early childhood days when he would see his mother struggling hard to become an entrepreneur (or from an early marriage). Whatever it is, there is something extraordinary about this easy-going fellow.

The Conception of HUMhain

The idea of starting a delivery business struck Milind during one of his GMAT classes and he immediately decided to listen to the calling of his heart.

No more GMAT classes, the idea of an MBA dropped- he decided to put his mind and heart into a business plan that was roughly drafted on the backside of a handout his tutor had given him in the class.

Always keen on doing something that could have a huge impact on the people, the structure of pick-up and delivery business aligned perfectly with his goals and aspirations.

He was so much quick and impatient in implementing his idea that HUMhain was started within 7 days itself. Perhaps, he was very quick in realizing the sad pick-up and delivery market scenario in his city and rightly understood the time was now or never.

The business was, initially, started with a plan of offering pick-up and delivery services only for groceries. But with the increasing demand, it moved on to add several other verticals.


What inspired Milind from day one was the zeal to connect maximum people in minimum time. He deployed the vast amount of knowledge he possesses in making the best use of resources that were available to him. Indeed, the desire to make it big in life played a major role in his success.

He contributes everything good about him to the years he spent volunteering with “The Art of Living” organization. His volunteering activities and rigorous years of training with them made him do things practically- he would organize large-scale workshops and conduct meetings with influential people. He, vividly, remembers how he learned the art of negotiation in 10th grade itself.


Nothing in this world, that’s worth having comes easy!

“There were days when the orders were delayed due to the absence or shortage of staff. Even there were days when there was only a negative feedback. Many times, I felt like giving up but there was something that kept me going. A voice from inside kept telling me that it will work and it did!”                                                                                                                                                                                               -Milind Kwatra


Today, HUMhain caters to an average of 200-250 orders on a daily basis. There is a team of 40-50 employees dedicated to the given task and contributing to the success of the brand.

 With the plans to foray into a number of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, his focus to improve and provide even better services in the city of Ludhiana stays intact.

The love and admiration this “HUMhain guy”, as he is commonly referred to, has got from the city is something that keeps him going and also, makes his sense of humor even better ( He oozes with confidence as he bursts into a fit of laughter while making this statement).