Consider Writing for Top Indian Parenting and Motherhood Blogs

Go to any geographical location and you will be amazed to find out how Blogging has become a popular choice amongst stay-at-home moms. Words may fail you as to why every other woman wants to be a blogger. The reasons in the first place are pregnancy, motherhood and never ending household talks. In addition, Blogging as a career offers great benefits. Consequently, most women on maternity leave never get back to their workplaces.

This blog post provides a low down of various Blogs that offer “Write for us” option in the niche of Parenting and Motherhood. Much to your excitement, all the listed Blogs happen to be initiatives of women either during their pregnancy or at the time when they became moms.  Therefore, if you are a mom or going-to-be soon and there are plenty of things you want the world out there to know; this list is going to be really helpful for you. While all of them publish your work and Bio, few of them even offer monetary compensation.

If you possess a lot of motherly wisdom and good writing skills, these blogs are a good platform to gain a lot of recognition and fan following. Having said that, who minds getting their work and name published.

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A list, specifically, compiled for my readers who are interested in blogging for parenting and motherhood blogs is given below:

  1. Mom Junction

A professional and fast growing website, it caters to the interests and needs of parents around the globe. Moreover, the articles on the website are a work of finest writers and accomplished editors.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered:  A lot of recognition, easy-reach out to your target audience and monetary compensation for every Blog post.

  1. Buzzing Bubs

An excellent source of information related to kids, whether it is about planning kids birthday parties, health care, sports activities, etc. Furthermore, it provides research-based information on planning tours and activities with your children.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered: Your Bio along with a photograph. Also, it offers a back link to your website or weblog.

  1. Artsy Craftsy Mom

It is a blog that hosts varied topics like DIY projects, recipes for children, travel tips, art and crafts facts, etc. At the same time, it is worth reading for parents interested in exploring their child’s artistic inclination.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered: Monetary Compensation

  1. Loving Your Child

A top parenting blog, it offers parenting advice to the parents of Indian kids. Furthermore, information pertaining to kids is available to help parents raise their children in a healthy atmosphere. While the blog encourages readers to post their queries, it additionally offers personal advice.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered: Promote you as a Blogger or an author or a parenting services provider.

  1. Parent Edge

It is a comprehensive parenting blog that offers valuable information on children’s health, lifestyle, education, activities and more. Besides this blog, a company also has its digital and print magazines rolling out every month.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered: Internship opportunities for Writers.

  1. Maa of All Blogs

This blog is all about the experiences of a mother and a woman. It provides a listing of a vast variety of topics relating to motherhood. Besides, a blog is an inspiration for all women juggling their lives with motherhood.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered: Negotiable

  1. Parentune

It is an online community that aims at designing an empowered ecosystem for all the parents and children. Additionally, it offers parents friendly tools and applications so as to help them do more for their children.

Link for contribution:

Benefits offered: Your name and Bio.

Final words: Remember, a journey starts only when you take the first step and thereafter, it never stops. Good luck! Keep writing and motivating!

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