The 1 Question That Helps Me Develop ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude

The 1 Question That Helps Me Develop ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude

A few years ago, it was not unusual for me to start a thing and discontinue it after a while. I’m far from being alone in experiencing things that can change the course of our lives. With this attitude of mine, I lost some precious things in life. There were important tasks that remain unfinished. That conviction was always missing and there was not enough determination to reach until the end. Slowly, I started recognizing the patterns in my life and realized what all I have been losing all these years.

I looked back to realize those years of my life that should have been most productive were, indeed, the least productive ones. I started hating my attitude. It was time to take charge of my life else the missing ‘Never Give Up’ attitude would ruin the remaining good things in my life.

I tried numerous tactics to change that attitude of mine. As the change never comes easy, I had to repeatedly warn myself to not get into the same zone. I had to shout “I can’t quit”. By now, I had realized “Time never comes back”. If it doesn’t happen now, it will never happen. Today, I’ve become a lot better when it comes to reaching the finishing point. Yet, there are times when I feel like quitting. Whenever in a doubt or whenever there is a lack of willpower, I question myself “Will I regret later not doing this?”

By asking this simple question, you gain clarity on some really important matters in your life:

How Important it is for You?

Why are you doing it?
Are you doing it for yourself or some other person?

When you know that there is a thing/ person in life extremely significant for you, you won’t let that person/ thing leave you. But when there is no realization or when you’ve not even bothered thinking along those lines, all that will be left is regrets in life.

When students are preparing for some exam, the chances are that they will succeed when they know their future is based on that exam. They will understand that if they don’t do well, they will not get into a good college or get their dream job. For those who don’t have family businesses to support them, they will do everything possible to make it to their dream institutions. You will find it quite often that students who are motivated by some reason (if it happens then …) have maximum success rates.

How Far You’re Ready to Go to Make it Happen

You have a dream to be accomplished. But are you willing to do something to make that dream a reality?

You want to lose that extra 20 Kgs. But is it possible if you can’t resist food? It’s not. If you set yourself on a mission, commit to yourself that you’ll do everything it takes to accomplish that mission. Farsightedness is important here. You need to be realistic about your goals and you need to stop making excuses for yourself. The simple principle that works here is “If he/ she can do it, I can do it too”.

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You Control What Matters the Most

Did you know you’re the CEO of your brain?

While you can’t really control what thoughts go through your mind the entire day, you can definitely control the thoughts on which you want to focus and the thoughts that matter to you.

Did you just lose a loved one of yours? If you continue focusing on your pain, misery and bad luck, it will never go away. It will make you feel terrible. But if you focus on what all you got by being with that person, your body and mind will harness a lot of positive energy. You’ll become a much better person and without even realizing you’ll accomplish things you never even dreamt of.

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You Get Back the Power

The moment I ask myself “Wil I regret not doing this?”, I start recognizing the shadows from my past. The only words that reverberate deep and loud in my mind are “I have to do this. I can do this!”. Suddenly, there is a blood flowing through my brain and giving me all the energy I need to reach my ultimate goal. As I always say, “If your mind can perceive it, you can do it.”.

The words I mentioned above work well for me. It could be that they don’t have the same effect on you. Because what works for one might not work for all. It will take time and efforts to determine what works for you.

The moment you dismiss your attitude of giving up easily, your life will become much more meaningful.

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