Digital Marketing- 5 Mega Trends That Will Drive the Future

Gone are the days when conventional marketing dictums were the game-changers. In today’s digital era, marketers need to equip themselves with the right tools and trends to stay relevant.

Even though things were a lot challenging for digital marketers last year, the upcoming scenarios are changing even more abruptly. Grabbing attention and connecting with today’s tech-savvy consumers is no mean feat. The challenges in digital marketing today are manifold – stiff competition, dwindling attention span of the audience and growing complication in audience segmentation etc.

With digital marketing undergoing such a tectonic shift, the marketers need to equip themselves with the right tools and digital marketing trends that are affecting the B2B and B2C marketing teams as well as general consumer behavior.

1.      AI Approach

According to Forbes, around 41% of digital marketers have witnessed revenue growth and improved performance by improving consumer experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Inevitably, AI and ML have been topping the charts of every digital marketing trend list. AI-driven chatbots have completely revolutionized the e-commerce industry. Incorporating these two technologies in the digital marketing strategies enables B2B and B2C marketing teams to:

  • Improve customer experience and minimize customer churn
  • Optimize the product line pricing strategy
  • More accurate and real-time analytics
  • Boost customer satisfaction

2.      Welcome to the Digital World!

Due to COVID and other Lockdown restrictions happening last year, in-person events were deeply disrupted. So, the marketers welcomed digital platforms wholeheartedly to connect with their customers. In fact, people have started spending more time online. As per Forbes, internet usage has been accelerated by approximately 70% and streaming by 12%. Social media channels, email marketing, website, blogs, webinars etc all offer a great opportunity for digital marketers to stay connected with the customers.

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3.      Voice Marketing

The increased popularity of voice-driven assistants has opened new doors of opportunities for digital marketers as well as B2B and B2C marketing teams. The marketers believe that this technology has the power to take personalization to the next level. Juniper Research has predicted that by 2022, the total installed devices (smart speakers) would exceed 175 million and 870 million devices when considered across all platforms such as PC, TV, cars, smartphones etc. Marketing Gurus are placing huge bets on voice-driven marketing as it brings a huge business value proposition that cannot be ignored.

4.      Data – the new driver

Marketers have started avoiding mass and untargeted broadcasting. Data has become the new core driver for marketing decisions. Data is all around us and is constantly growing. For understanding and meeting customer expectations, analyzing data is a must. As more and more devices are getting connected, IoT (Internet of Things) is making the devices smarter.

Data not only helps the marketers to identify buying patterns but also provides an opportunity to create a smart, customer-centric communication. The latest digital marketing trends make the brands use the complex combination of user demographics to target their customer at the right time and on the right device.

5.      Challenges in Content marketing

With the changing digital marketing trends, anyone can be a content creator and publisher. More than 3.6 billion people are using social media, 7 million blogs are published every day and more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Multiple posting and publishing platforms exist where people can share their insights, opinions, products’ knowledge, stories etc.

Amid such rising challenges, content creators and content marketing teams must strive for more relevance to grab audience attention. The content should not only be relevant, helpful and informative but should be presented in a digestible manner to the user. In a nutshell, content creators should strive for clarity and substance in their pitch.

Everything for Everyone!

This is indeed the mantra that will result in evolving the future digital marketing trends. While technology is the fabric of marketing, customer demands and expectations are the ink.

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