Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

With every coming year, digital marketing becomes more and more complicated. It could be quite puzzling to keep up with the trends of digital marketing since the industry changes really fast.

It turns out to be a real challenge to keep up with the aspects of digital marketing.

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way many companies operated across the sectors. This change had a great impact on the digital marketing sector as well as the roles of the digital marketers.

The key digital marketing trends for 2022 have to be identified.

Here are the digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2022 :


Metaverse does not refer to facebook entirely. It refers to a world that is virtual in nature. It comprises augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D avatars and videos.

It not only includes experiences like gaming but also a persistent environment where many people play, work as well as socialize.

Metaverse is gaining a lot of buzz lately and brands should make an inclusion of it as a part of the 2022 marketing strategies. It definitely has the potential to offer an entirely new set of the performance metrics.


Other than figuring out where the brands fit in the metaverse, experimenting should be done with the block-chain technology in order to prepare for the WEB 3.0-the next evolution of web.

One trending aspect of block-chain technology is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible means that it could not be exchanged for something that has the same value, because it does not have any equals.

For instance, the U.S dollar is fungible. A 100 dollar bill could be exchanged for five bills of 20 dollars. But your grandmother’s wedding ring(non-fungible) cannot be exchanged for anything that is of equal value since there is an authenticity factor.

NFTs are the digital version of non-fungibles. These are uniquely created digital assets like some animation, graphic design, audio or video file, GIF or meme-that exist on a blockchain.

With brands like Coca-Cola issuing NFT collectibles, many brands are trying to tap into the digital asset thing so that they are not left behind. NFTs are a great way to build a community among the customers.


Proliferation of cryptocurrency would be seen in 2022 as well. Savvy marketers will keep their eye on this trend. Cryptocurrency would help in attracting new customers provided that the demographics fit right.

Cryptocurrencies have brought about massive changes in relation to the largest processors such as Visa, PayPal as well as MasterCard.

The above given three trends are necessarily emergent in nature so they may not be feasible for your business. However, these provide a direction that we are headed in.

An eye should be kept on them. In addition, the reasons behind these trends can help in informing your approach with the strategies that are used now.


2022 would undoubtedly be the most important year for data as well as privacy. There are a number of marketers which fail to realize it.

In reality the audience is owned by facebook, instagram, twitter and any other social media platform that is in use.

Therefore, the brands must integrate the data collection methods that give priority to the consumer privacy. It should be made sure that the brand campaigns focus on creating first-party data so that they do not have to depend on others’ data.

These can be collected from email, newsletters, social media as well as CRM tools. The zero-party data or data that is given directly through the customers via online surveys is also important.


Social commerce will continue in 2022 as the brands are seeking to shorten the distance from the discovery to the conversion.

It helps the marketers in providing ways to get the items in front of the potential customers. This trend is not limited to big brands


Commerce related to livestream offers a lot of potential as well. So many platforms are making a push towards livestream videos as noted customers spend around 3 times longer watching the live stream videos than the pre recorded visual content.

Livestreams have also got a boost from the pandemic by providing a safe option in comparison to the in store shopping thing.


2022 would be the year for marketers to embrace clarity as well as simplicity in content. The consumers have a long list of content to choose from and your content needs to stand out to be noticed in the first place.

In order to accomplish this, the brands do not need to include flowery prose. It is just that there should be clarity with the content. The content should not be complicated at all. Clear and simple content will get a more effective reach. Brands should focus on providing meaningful experience to users.

The Internet has a lot of information already and it becomes difficult to absorb all of that information. So, in order to stand out in the crowd, providing meaningful and straightforward information is a wise choice.


Accessibility from brands can also be expected in 2022. If the needs of the customers are ignored, businesses would not only lose the customers but the acquaintances of the customers as well.

Accessibility would widen the audience and in return your products would get that exposure they need.

The Bottom Line

As you can see 2022 would be quite a busy as well as an exciting year for the marketers. The digital marketing trends that have been explored and discussed by us should definitely give you an insight about the developments as well as the changes that should be integrated in the digital marketing campaigns in order to ascertain that you make the most about the activities across different channels. From dipping into trends such as metaverse, reviewing the social commerce and focusing on simpler content there is a huge amount of stuff that could be done to drive engagement as well as revenue.