Easy Steps to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Is your brand present on Social Media and still not following SMM strategies?

Well, if the answer is a big “YES”, then the following article will definitely assist you in curbing this issue.

Social media marketing refers to the widespread practice of using all channels of social media in order to promote a respective brand, product or service. In addition to this, social media marketing strategy is everything one aspires to do or wants to achieve on social media in a nutshell.

Creating an effective social media marketing strategy serves multiple purposes in the process of one’s growth through these platforms. It takes you through exactly where you lack and what more you are required to do as per your decided goal.

Let us go through the process of formulating such a strategy one by one :-


In order to formulate a strategy, one must build a clear understanding as to what exactly the goals and objectives of the brand are. This should precisely be a one pager clarifying what one is looking up to and should be a channel focus that avoids trying to be everything because that is impractical and unhelpful.

Only specific, attainable and practical goals should be made which are time bound so that they can be achieved in a particular amount of time.


Knowing your audience as well as having a clear understanding of what it expects from you is an extremely imperative step in creating an effective social media strategy. Creating a firm understanding and a worthy relationship with your audience surely helps one in having a deeper understanding of your targets as well as achieving them in as minimum time as possible.

At times, there is some targeted audience while you promote a particular product. In such cases, a fair amount of research must be done to collect adequate information of all the credentials required. Collecting all necessary data and analyzing it helps in taking better steps.


At present, Social media platforms have an abundant amount of brands trying everyday to promote themselves in all possible ways.

Therefore, for your business to outshine the rest, knowing what others are doing as well as what they are lacking is really important to form a tactic that works the best out of all. This way, you will also get a good sense of what is expected from you and your work arena. Keeping a check on what other brands and companies are sharing is also a need.


A social media audit is what helps you to understand what kind of audience has engaged with you in the past. Which steps taken by you are actually working and which are not, what network your targeted audience uses and a lot more will successfully be depicted through this. Also during the audit, one must look for fake accounts made by certain people that might hinder the growth of your account. Making your account as authentic as possible should be your priority.


Finding your brand persona is another very effective step while creating a social media strategy. Every brand, irrespective of its kind, needs a voice, a personality, a representative. Think about the adjectives that actually describe your brand the best so that your audience too can closely understand it in the best possible way.


Making strategies regarding all paid, owned as well as earned segments is another important task. Paid as in the features that your brand can enjoy through paying a social media channel like Facebook ads.

Owned category has the hashtags that you introduce for your brand and make your audience and influencers use them. Also, having an approved list of the available social media marketing tools and platforms is needed to make your strategy even more effective.


Though it is crucial to make your brand as unique as possible, drawing inspiration from others won’t do any bad. Rather it will keep you motivated to get better everyday through better strategies and better understanding.

Giving the most successful social media stories a read can help you through this. Also, keeping a check of the award winners in the same field, and collecting knowledge of what worked best for them will also be of great assistance. What you personally enjoy the most on social media also has a part to play in this.


Being consistent with your work, not giving up on your goals and going ahead without skipping work is the key here. Without these, no goal can successfully be achieved.

Constantly working upon making better content, making it within the time that you plan, being flexible and versatile with your work, posting based on what the audience wants to see, developing a good relationship with the audience and gaining its trust is what will lead you towards success.


In the end once you get a hold of your audience and your brand positively, with great power, comes great responsibility. Hence, updating your strategies from time to time based on the needs of the audience and what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t is the final step in making an effective social media strategy.

Taking your insights into consideration, redefining your strategy according to the need of the hour is extremely important. This will also let you know as to what channel works the best for you so that you can opt the same and work in an even better manner in order to meet all your goals positively.

Wrapping up:

After following all the above-mentioned steps, the process of creating an effective social media strategy gets really smooth. Remember, once you have your strategy in place, reviewing it from time to time bears great importance too.