How Embracing Change Can Make All the Difference?

It’s not an uncommon thing to have read or told by someone that change is an inevitable part of life. Yet a change that at one time seems to be so exciting becomes scary and messy at other times. As a result, we tend to resist change.

What we must, however, understand is that it is this change that acts as a driving force behind our transformation. Change is something that makes us stronger as individuals.

By resisting change, we miss our chance of unleashing our true potential and tend to settle ourselves into ordinary lives.

Today, I understand the significance of change. In fact, I crave travel all the time because I understand the positive transformation it brings in me. But when I was a student a decade back, I would always resist change. I feared change. My parents, being protective of their daughter, would also never encourage me to move on the off-the-beaten-path. From where I see today, I made very little to almost no effort in doing the things I wanted to. Whether it meant moving out of my small town or pursuing a degree in a foreign university, I was never ready to embrace the change. Even, I missed some great opportunities of living at places which today happen to be my dream destinations. Even though I am doing alright today, one thing I know is I would have done much better if I had learned to accept change at that time.

I have learned from the mistakes I made back then but sometimes you lose a lot of time doing that. And, that is something I would never want to happen with any of you. Today, when I have an opportunity in front of me and if it demands some form of change….I know what I have to do. I deal with my anxiety and all sorts of stress reassuring myself that this is something I wanted and I can’t let go-off this. And, it works. It works every single time.

Everyone Needs a Change

It doesn’t matter who you’re and what you do. Each one of you needs a change in life. You need a change to transform and to live. Even if you resist change, it will strike you in one or the other form. Look around and you’ll find things changing every now and then. You would agree that you’re not the same person what you used to be a few years back. We say we’ve grown with time but it is indeed the number of small changes that have brought a change in our lives that we call a ‘GROWTH’.

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There are certain situations in life on which you have hardly any control. It could simply be failing a job interview or it could be the poor medical condition of someone close. You don’t have control over such things but you can always control your experience through such situations. It happens when you create change and when you start doing things differently. There would be times when you would have to bring yourself out of your complacency and change your mindset completely.

Failing a series of interviews might mean you need to work on your resume or relocate yourself to find a job of your dreams. Similarly, the poor health of a bread earner in the family would mean taking things in your control. It is sometimes the change that lies ahead of us scares us more than the prevalent situation. Accept the change gracefully and things will get much easier to deal with.

Final words:

Life is short. Do the things that are close to your heart and control your thoughts and mind. Embrace your life and embrace change.

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