Enhance your Productivity: Find your Groove

When we talk about the success or failure parameters for an employee, his productivity at a workplace holds vital significance. Only if he has a potential to make significant contributions to a company, he gets his due recognition. The contributions, in turn, are significant when coming from highly productive employees. Further, in the case of an individual who owns a company or a business, his revenues are directly proportional to his work productivity.

Everyone has the same 24 hours. While some outperform, there are many who underperform. There is no argument that hard work is important. But, is it of any use continuing working hard without any output?  There is no output when there is no productivity. The reasons for little to no productivity can be variegated. Whatever be the reasons, the important realization to be made is that we all need to enhance our productivity. And, we all need to move on the path to self-improvement.

Find your Groove

Everyone has his zone in which he performs exceptionally well. Likewise, there are different productive hours for different individuals. One may require working in an office in a solitary mode. Another may have to tune to his favorite music to come up with fresh ideas and deliver improved performance.

Do you remember your school or university times when a few hours ahead of examination, you would do different things to ease yourself and get through with the preparation? I would need a soft music in the background and a fuzzy blanket on my lap to focus. This also helped my stress ooze away. We all either stayed up late nights or got up early mornings during exams days to spur our productivity.

Similar to our student days, we all have different grooves in our work lives. You must have heard about writers/ artists traveling to offshore places with the intent of creating their masterpieces. By doing this, they want to be in their most comfortable zone or what we call their grove. Finding your groove and making the optimal use of your most productive hours makes you highly successful. There will be enhanced productivity, improved results, and continual growth. Your groove may require different things from you. Stay tuned to these requirements if you’re keen on self-improvement and are looking forward to positive transformation in your lives.

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By now, we know that each one of us has a different groove. To model, my groove is when I am alone at my laptop desk with a mug of hot coffee. The writing ideas popping up late evenings never fail to work amazingly well for me. Having realized this, I now restrict my writing tasks for late evenings. During my mornings and afternoons when there are distractions, I choose to take up relatively easier work duties. These include the SEO and digital media sharing tasks, managing e-mails, etc. By the same token, you need to master the art of using your groove time to its maximum advantage.

We all either stayed up late nights or got up early mornings during exams days to spur our productivity.

The Groove: Things you can’t Miss

When you’re in your groove, there are certain things you need to be cautious of. Foremost, it this time when you’re at your best. You can’t let go this time under-utilized. Further, you should be careful that you don’t find yourself in a comfort zone only after leaving a hole in your pocket. This reminds me of a time when I used to go to a coffee shop almost every day to be able to meet my deadlines. By the month end, my cafe checks used to be crazy. There was no option than to cut them down. It is, therefore, important that you don’t need to spend money in order to be in your groove.

It would be awesome if you don’t hesitate in sharing about your groove. You may use the space in the comment section below. Wishing my readers a great success!

Image sources: static.pexels, skipprichard