Everything You Wanted to Know About Home-Based Franchises for Stay-at-home Wives/Moms

If you’re reading this, I assume that you are a stay-at-home mom/wife. And, you’re looking at starting something new that would help you earn money. But, you’ve no clue from where to start or how to go about finding a right type of work for you?

Even more, you’re keen on starting your own business that would give you more freedom and also a flexible schedule. But, there are many inhibitions. It is obvious that you don’t want to risk your investments. Also, you get anxious thinking about the logistics of a business. Notably, they sound overwhelming. Yet, there is no guarantee that you’ll not run into losses.

Well, the good news is that there are various franchises that you may easily run from home as small businesses. Franchises offer perfect solutions to all the problems related to logistics and even the risk factors involved in a business.

All you need to do is replicate the existing business model and everything else will be provided to you. Keeping it short, you get a blueprint for success the moment you take up a franchise that has a reputed brand name.

Considering a vast range of franchise options, you can easily find one that suits your interests and profile.

Various factors on which your choice of a home-based franchise has to be Depending on your Interests

Time and again, I have emphasized the importance of building a career or starting a new business depending upon on what you love and are passionate about.

If you start something you aren’t interested in, you’re bound to lose your interest in a short while. It is, therefore, important to repetitively ask yourself if this is the work you want to pursue and gaze your interests at the same time.

When you own a franchise, you never gain full control or freedom over a business irrespective of its nature. This realization is best made right at a time when you’re still thinking about a type of franchise you want to own.

Financial Considerations

  • Can you meet the investment requirements of a franchise you’re considering?
  • Will you be able to pay ongoing maintenance costs in case they are required?
  • How much time will the given business model take to break-even?
  • How much profit can you expect from the given franchise? Or,

Will the profits be sufficient to encourage you to keep moving? (Money is not everything but it is certainly an important aspect of any business)

It is vital that you seek the answers to the above-given questions before you make a final leap. Only if the answers are in your favor, it is advisable that you make a move ahead.

Services Offered

A vital task is to find all the details related to a given business model. Here is a lowdown of points that you must consider before projecting any deal:

  • Does the training require traveling to some other place?
  • For how long does the training last?
  • Will the company be offering ongoing support or training?
  • How much marketing costs are expected?
  • What else in included in the package that has been offered to you?

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Different Options for Home-Based Franchise

The start-up fees and profits vary greatly from one franchise to another. Different options available for home-based franchises in the market are as given below:

  • Pre-Schools/ Kindergarten
  • Travel Companies/ Agencies
  • Cruise Planners
  • Real Estate
  • Activity classes for children
  • Home helpers
  • Business Advisers
  • Fitness Clubs/ Classes
  • Coaching Institute
  • Career Coaches
  • Cleaning Franchise

Useful Resources

For finding comprehensive information on different franchises available in your cities, the resources that you may find quite useful are:

Franchise Asia- India
Franchise Direct- USA
Franchise Help
Franchise Opportunities

P.S. The franchise startup fees can be really hard to swallow. Nevertheless, it is worth paying an exorbitant fee considering the risks that are covered in it.