Everything you need to Know about the Art of Work-From-Home

It’s been more than three years and I continue my work-from-home regime. I don’t remember a single moment when there was a need to get back to my office cubicle.

With all honesty, the primary reasons behind this motivation are the comfort of my couch and those cool pajamas, I get to wear while I work-from-home. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more to it. Being close to my three-year-old while I continue working is the most joyful thing for me as a mother.

My sincere gratitude to all the technological inventions for turning this possibility into a reality!

Moving ahead, like you can’t tell a book by its cover; you can’t even judge what work-from-home has to really offer you. Only when you get into the routine, do you realize it’s not as easy as it seemed to be otherwise? Every rose has its thorn and so does this fascinating and very cool work option.

What should you be prepared to lose while you contemplate work-from-home?

Professional Socialism

While you will be saving on your commutation expenses and making various other gains, you may not get to see your colleagues. Professional socialism will have a considerable effect. There will be no coffee or tea breaks, birthday treats and Thanksgiving celebrations. Along with that, there will not be any networking trips on the weekends.

Physical Fitness

There will be minimal moving around and active walking as you start spending most of your time inside your house. Laziness may creep in and it may require your enrolment in one of those fitness classes. Whatever it is, health must always remain a priority for each one of you.

If whatever that is written here can be taken care of by you and there are more significant reasons to clinch to this new opportunity, then it makes me feel that you’re on the right track. Nevertheless, there are things to watch out. Before you break new ground, you must consider sparing a moment to pay heed to the essentials needed for work-from-home job set ups:

Work-from-home Essentials


Dedicated Work Space

Even if you decide to take up this new opportunity to achieve better work-home balance, there is no substitute for a professional office set up.  Your work area has to be a dedicated space that is well-organized and de-clattered. If your workspace allows you to focus, you’ll find yourself in a position to deliver complete and successful projects.

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As you start work-from-home, there will be no one watching you or your actions. While this may excite you that there’ll be no boss hovering you, it may, however, have irreparable effects.  Alluring as it may seem, working from a home environment, at the same time, may easily cause a lot of distraction and reduce your work efficiency. Strict working schedules along with a lot of discipline have to be incorporated. Monitoring your work goals and accomplishments help you in performing up to your standards and caliber.

Positive Attitude

An attitude is all it takes to determine your success in all possible roles you may take up in your life. And, work is no different. Keeping a positive attitude towards your work and organization ensures maximum productivity. Thus, chances of failure get minimal and growth will keep coming your way.

Internet Connection

All of you may know it already that a good internet connection is a pre-requisite of all work-from-home jobs (telecommuting/ remote). Besides that, the Internet will be your medium to stay connected to rest of the world and other aspects of the professional world. It will be playing a major role in bridging all the distances that otherwise can’t happen as you stop getting an exposure to office culture.

Last words: Challenging yourself every day and knowing that there are goals to accomplish are keys to success should you choose to take this path. Additionally, learning to balance out things in your life is always rewarding.

Having said all this, it’s always great to hear your opinions and thoughts on topics you read here on this blog. Never refrain yourself from posting comments and sharing them further.

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