Exploring the Science of Happiness with Pooja Bedi

“If you want something in life, the whole Universe conspires for you to get it.”

 This is no secret. I have talked about this several times in my posts because this is something I truly believe in. It has worked out for me in the past and it is something I feel is the basis of my whole life- past, present and future.

It is common, however, to lose out on faith and hope when things are not going the way you would want them to.  Right then when a vivacious, dynamic and a charming former Bollywood actress confirms that there is a power in your dreams and it is your dreams that create your future, you know you’ve got it right.

I am here talking about Pooja Bedi, Founder of Happy Souls, who recently conducted a workshop on ‘Transformation of Inner-Self’. Organized by FICCI-FLO (Ludhiana Chapter), it was an amazing experience to explore the ‘SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS’ with this woman of substance and a happy soul.

In case you are thinking that I got fascinated by the celebrity element that was involved in the event, let me tell you I was not.

What, however, garnered my attention and interest was her sincerity, power of conviction, and the belief she had in her dreams. There was something unusual in her that wanted me to know more about her, the work she does and how she finds it so easy to radiate so much of powerful energy and positive vibes.

Exploring Science of Happiness with Pooja Bedi

The reason I am writing this post is to share short snippets of powerful lessons I learned from her:

Exploring the Science of Happiness with Pooja Bedi

Want it. Visualize it. Manifest it.

She had the courage to give up everything and start from a scratch when she asked for a divorce from her former husband. She indeed managed it so well. She could do it because she wanted to build a life of happiness and love around her and because there was a belief. It was a life she could visualize for herself and she had the power to create one.

“The success of a relationship is not hanging in there for another 50 years trying to avoid ‘DIVORCE’. Instead, success is to walk away from it knowing that you are not happy in your marriage and develop such a bond with your ex that you can dance at his next marriage.”

-Pooja Bedi

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It’s about being who you are

There is a lot more to this award-winning relationship columnist. She had the vision and she had the heart to maintain a cordial and flourishing relationship with a man who had left her broke.

It is, therefore, not about giving back all the time. Instead, happiness in life is about doing things that reflect who you are and the substance that you are made of and not about falling to someone else’s standards.

Apologize. Forgive. Rebuild.

We all make mistakes. It’s common to miss opportunities. And it’s alright to fail sometimes in life. You need to let go off the past and forgive yourself. You need to apologize to your own self and start loving yourself all over again. When it’s all clear inside, it’s time to start building the things once again and your whole new life.