Seville-Ronda-Marbella: Exploring the South of Spain

Exploring the South of Spain


The moment you step out from Seville railway station, you understand why the modern yet historical town of Seville is a must-to-see if you are planning a visit to Spain.

Dig deep into the channels of history by visiting Alcazar and Plaza de Espana and it will amaze you to know about the deep impact of Moors (Muslims) in what, otherwise, has been a Gothic town.

In front of Giralda

The town with a tumultuous history has a lot to offer to its visitors. Fascinating neighborhoods on the other side of Guadalquivir river, ostentatious cathedral and a flamenco performance that seduces you slowly with gourmet food- everything about this town is simply beautiful!

I visited Seville 15 days backs. The picturesque town was thronged with tourists from far-flung locations. Even though it was very hot during the day, there was something about the place that made me fall in love with it. For adventure enthusiasts, you can’t come back home without experiencing the thrill of skydiving in this place.

Major Attractions

  • Alcazar
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Catedral and Giralda
In the gardens of Al Cazar
In the gardens of Alcazar

Having visited all major attractions and roamed around the central town for 2 days, I was on the way back to my accommodation only to find out there was a huge area lined with fancy shops and designer boutiques that remain completely unexplored. As I said before, this town with a gateway into the past has abundant things to offer to a traveler of every kind.

The beautiful town of Sevilla


Now if you’re planning to explore Spain in my style, the next thing in your itinerary has to be a car rental. Rent a car and enjoy the scenic drive from Seville to Ronda en route Marbella. The mountaintop and lovely town, Ronda, has lookout offering views. Stop there for a lunch or you may even stay overnight to explore this place surrounded by lush river valleys that literally takes your breath away with its stunning views and landscapes.

On the streets of Ronda

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When you’re traveling South of Spain, Marbella is one of the most important tourist cities of the Costa del Sol and attracts maximum tourists throughout the year. Only if you visit this town, belonging to the province of Malaga, you get to know the appeal of the place.

Puerto Banus

When visiting Marbella, consider blocking a room in one of the luxurious hotels or renting a penthouse or apartment overlooking the harbor in its south-western chic and compact harbor town Puerto Banus. Bask on the sands in the sun-drenched area filled with whitewashed buildings or stroll on its pristine streets famous for Ferraris, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis cruising along slowly. Gaze at the mega-yachts or shop till you drop at one of the many designer boutiques: there is a plenty to do and enjoy your days in this quaint town full of luxury and the playground of rich. Even more, there are plenty of bars, nightclubs and beach clubs for you to party till dawn. The strength of this town, undoubtedly, lies in its superb location, pleasant climate, and easy accessibility along with its excellent infrastructure.

Last Words:

When traveling to Spain, you must not forget to immerse yourself in its culture by indulging yourself in local food, wine, and refreshing sangria. The power of an ice-cold glass of local sangria filled to the brim with fresh fruit and bubbly will make you crave for it even more.